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Court agrees with State that Salmon Initiative is Unconstitutional

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled today (Aug. 8th) that Ballot Measure 1—also known as the Stand for Salmon initiative—is unconstitutional because it makes an unconstitutional appropriation of state resources. The Court directed the Division of […]

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Donlin Gold helps Green Star remove thousands of pounds of hazardous waste

Donlin Gold teamed up with Green Star this summer to collect almost 30,000 pounds of hazardous material and special wastes from five villages that were safely transported back to Anchorage for recycling or disposal. The […]

Heard it in the Steam House

Calista Corporation announces additions to Legal & Communications Departments

by Thom Leonard Calista Corporation welcomed Noelle Kompkoff in the Legal department and Calista Shareholder Russ Slaten in Corporate Communications. Noelle Kompkoff arrives at Calista as Associate Counsel with more than ten years of experience […]