Life goes on

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

It is the strangest thing. When we who are so destined by fate to be the ones to bear the loss of a beloved one, the world continues to revolve around the sun, the eons of time continue to roll, and the seconds do not cease their endless, monotonous tick. How very bizarre it is.
You would think that everything would grind to a halt, to stand still, to stop moving until all is silent so that you could struggle in the quiet to comprehend until you are able to grasp and come to an awareness of what has happened.
Throughout this walk we are taking on this earth there is going to be sorrow. It is a given. No one is exempt and we are okay with that. But to lose a child is beyond comprehension. It is confusing, it goes against all natural order. How easily laughter can turn into tears, with just one brief moment of memory, a flash of recognition, a glimpse of a reminder of happier times when we were all together, whole.
We are in survival mode. To survive we need these things: food, water, shelter, and friends that can help us through the rough times. Lean on me and I will lean on you.
Sometimes if we are not careful, our thoughts wander. This battle within our minds eats away at our rational, clear thinking. It desires to make us lose our minds but no, we cannot go there. We must continue to do the things that we must do. You have to, you have others that depend so much on you. You.
We also survive on memories. Memories are what makes up the special bonds we have with our children. Those special memories should be saved, written down, recorded for the generations to come after. Our children’s children’s children should know them too. Afterall, they are a part of them also. And when they know them, they will love them so much more. Life does go on.
So when you meet someone out on the street, at school, or anywhere there are people, remember that maybe hidden beneath that smile is a broken heart. They are out there, seeking hope.
To us our sons and daughters are the most precious, most dear, and most cherished possession anyone could ever be blessed to have. If you have one or more, you are very blessed. How amazing they are and what joy they bring to us.
Quyana for the gifts of salmon and berries that you have given to Kelly. She really loves that and it makes us happy to know that you are thinking of us. Quyana and prayers.