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In our Native Land

In our Native Land

The Alaska National Guard delivers Christmas gifts, honoring Op Santa 65-year tradition

by Edward Eagerton and Spc. Grace Nechanicky The Alaska National Guard shared their time-honored tradition of Operation Santa Claus by spreading goodwill and joy to remote Alaskan communities again this year. Despite the challenges of […]

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Heard it in the Steam House

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Heard it in the Steam House

Creating a stronger Alaska through increased hiring opportunities

by Kelly Tshibaka, Commissioner The State of Alaska workforce serves Alaskans best when it employs outstanding talent that reflects the diversity of the people it represents. The Department of Administration (DOA) has made it possible […]

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Delta Fishin’ Report

Delta Fishin’ Report

Pebble corruption confirmed – now in Pebble’s own words

by Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay DILLINGHAM, AK – Alaska’s fishermen are disgusted by recordings released today (Sept. 21st, 2020) that confirm long suspected collusion between Alaska’s state leadership and the Pebble Limited Partnership as […]

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