Question about Hairy Man or Bigfoot in our land

Here is an illustration of a Hairy Man that was observed hiding and peeking through brush in the Askinuk Mountains by a witness many years ago. Illustration by AI

by Delta Discovery staff

By now, you may have read over a dozen stories of sightings of Hairy Man in the Y-K Delta. We still have many more stories that we have collected and will be publishing in future issues.
As you know or might be learning, the Hairy Man is a creature of the wilderness but is always remaining hidden from humans. It is much taller than a man, and is hairy all over except for the face, hands and feet. It has long arms and a massive body. Its hair varies in color, from jet black, to brown or blonde, and sometimes white. They said the aged Hairy Man creatures turn white with age just like humans.
It is rare to have one sighting a year in the Y-K Delta, but rarer still when we’ve had at least three sightings this year (so far) in 2013. We’ve told one of those stories, the sighting near Nelson Island by the Qalvinraq River. The other unpublished stories are in Mt. Village and St. Mary’s.
However, we are also getting a lot of questions and comments from readers about the creature known as Bigfoot by other people and cultures. One main question is, “Why are there so many Bigfoots being seen nowadays in our lands (the Y-K Delta)?”
The answer is, the creature may have around as long as the humans have inhabited the planet. They appear to be a rare wilderness animal however. They are not just in the Y-K Delta, but many locations in North America. The sightings of them published in The Delta Discovery are events that happened far and few between. Most of us might have never heard of them until now, as we are providing a platform for the stories to be told.
Some sightings happened many years ago and are finally getting into print. Some stories happened in the last 20 years and even those sightings are separated by much time, but putting them into our newspaper makes them seem like the sightings are happening more frequently, when the opposite is actually true.
As we said earlier, members of the general public will never see a Hairy Man in their lives, even if they spend a lot of time in the wild. Some complain of never seeing one! It just appears to a very few people, as we are learning. The people that get to see it catch it off guard and in the open.
Skeptics say these people are seeing bears, moose or musk ox and mistaking them for Hairy Man creatures. The only trouble is, in some sightings, what kind of animal gets up and walks away on two feet swinging its arms like a man?
People should know that the Hairy Man is just another animal that has been part of the land for eons, and caution – if you ever see one – should be taken when encountering one just like we do when seeing moose, bears or muskox.
In any case, some readers say they are really enjoying the stories, and are happy that they are being published. They get to learn the animal’s characteristics and its behavior. The stories make them more wary of animals in the wilderness and they take more second looks at them. Many people will certainly look over their shoulders more than usual in the future when they pick berries or greens, as they should, to watch for bears and moose.
More importantly, the stories encourage people to carry a camera into the wild in case they see one. As a result, people are taking pictures and we hope soon that we can provide our readers with photos of Hairy Man footprints and even of the creature itself.
Stay tuned.