Berry pickers spy Bigfoot

A Bigfoot-like creature was seen near the Napakiak/Atmautluak Trail on August 3rd, 2013. When an airplane flew overhead, it ducked down into a crouched position as shown in this illustration. Illustration by AI

by K.J. Lincoln

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2013, a family from Bethel witnessed a very tall, black colored creature walking upright while they were out picking berries.
The family of three – the dad and mom and their young daughter – were out on the Penguq River near the village of Napakiak. The creature was walking on the winter Napakiak-Atmautluak Trail when the family saw it. The dad saw it first and pointed it out to his wife when she got closer to where he was picking berries.
“Look honey, do you see that?” he asked. “Yes, I see it! Ila-i, it looks so black and huge,” said the wife.
While they were observing it, the creature crouched down when an airplane flew overhead. The being then walked down a rise in the tundra.
The sight of the creature scared the mother and daughter so they started heading back to their boat.
“We were so scared,” said the mom. “It was so black and tall.”
The Bigfoot-like creature was approximately a mile away from their berry picking site. It did not look like a human person because a person from that far away would not look very big. The creature was significantly large, even at that distance.
The sighting occurred around 6:30pm before a torrential rainstorm hit the area.