Successful Backhauling in Akiak

The Akiak IGAP Crew works on removing old appliances and getting them ready for backhaul shipment. Over 170 pieces of old equipment was crushed and shipped out this summer.

by Akiak EPA IGAP Staff

It all started back in May and into June when the Tribal Landfill Operator trained EPA/IGAP crew and began staging the landfill in preparation for backhauling.
All Freon was first removed from freezers and refrigerators before being crushed. In all, 68 freezers and 19 refrigerators were drained of Freon. The Freon waste was later shipped to AVCP Environmental in Bethel inside a designated container.
Other items crushed were: 37 washers, 19 dryers, 14 electric ranges, 5 Toyo stoves, and 2 propone ovens. Also included were 5 snowmobiles and four outboard motors (engines removed and drained) but not crushed.
An estimated 6,710 lbs. of space-consuming ‘scrap metal’ was removed from the landfill.
The Akiak Native Community EPA IGAP Program would like to thank Donlin Gold for their generous donation for paying for one of three shipping containers, and the Alaska Marine Lines for shipping one container for free which the Program is also grateful for.
We look forward to working together in keeping our land and water safe from harm. Again, thank you Donlin Gold and Alaska Marine Lines for this round of successful backhauling!