A good role model inspires

by Peter Twitchell

Bethel needs thinkers and planners who can let the wheels of school buses bring our children safely to and from school.
Kusko Cab has a new fleet of suburbans, and they have a record of driving safely with drivers who don’t drive their cabs recklessly.
Our kids are our future leaders and need to be safe to and from school, not driven by someone who drives too fast in the rain and snow, to make an extra buck.
Nokie Edwards, Cherokee Indian first and then the world’s greatest guitar player was a good role model who walked the ‘Red Road’. His sober journey in his life inspired millions of high school boys throughout the nineteen sixties (1960s) to learn to be a guitar player and kept me out of trouble.
Another “American Treasure” needs to be recognized: Aretha Franklin crowned the “Queen of Soul”. Aretha brought joy to the world with her powerful voice. She sang “Respect” all over our planet and set the tone for every human being to love one another.
Aretha, like Nokie, wanted us to begin enjoying life.
I was appalled by the A.C. Co. for desiring to re-open its liquor store showing a lack of genuine respect for human life.
The journey of a great man and woman sober journey is inspiring. In the back of my mind these sober stars helped save my life – their travel in their lives is my trip in my life now.
Me and my Iluqs sober journey was inspired by a good role model in our lives.