K300 announces season opener

With the chill in the air growing steadier by the day, it is time we start preparing for winter. The race is on to get that wood split and stacked, to finish up the projects in your yard and for mushers, it’s time to hook up the dogs to the four-wheeler and start putting miles on – the start of the race season is only weeks away.

The Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee is pleased to announce that their 2019-20 series of local races will begin with the annual “Season Opener”, a race of approximately 30 miles, on Saturday, December 7th. This will be followed by the “Holiday Classic” on Saturday, December 21st.

Purse details will be announced at a later date but mushers are reminded that prize money from the two races that were canceled last year will be added to the purses of this year’s 5 local races.

Mushers are also advised that the K300 Race Committee has decided to do away with the “Own a Mile” program. Instead of buying a mile for $100, mushers will pay a $100 K300 Membership Fee. This will cover entry for all 5 local races of the 2019-20 season, just as purchasing a mile has done in recent years.

On a separate note, registration for the 2020 Kuskokwim 300 is set to open on Monday, October 14th. More information is available at www.k300.org.

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