Big Mac, Large Fries, and a Diet Coke

by Tad Lindley You’ve probably been there and seen it happen. You’re not a doctor, but, nevertheless, when you sized them up, you felt that MacDonald’s was not the best dietary choice for them. Perhaps […]

Chasing the Ambulance

Bethel Fire Department Calls for week ending September 14

• On 9-8-18 at 6:13 a.m. medics responded to Main Street for an intoxicated person. Patient assessed and transported to the hospital. • On 9-9-2018 at 4:41 a.m. medics responded to sobering center for the […]


For Sale

For Sale: Hitzer Amish built woodstoves. UHMW Plastic sled runners. 543-2379. (11)(3/1-cnx) FOR SALE 300 Gallon Plastic Water Tanks in stock. Call Shorty at Shorty’s Shop for pricing. 543-3158 or 545-3157 (19)(9/18-cnx) 18’ SSV Lund […]

Cop Shop

State of Alaska District Court in Bethel September 10 – 14

Judgments Pius Joe, 34 2nd Degree Assault 7 Yrs., 5 Yrs. Prob. Matthew Black, 27 4th Degree Assault 60 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob. Winifred Olick, 44 1st Degree Harassment 60 Days Jimmy Hunter, 65 2nd […]


Phelan powers Bethel to Warrior Invitational title

by Tommy Wells If anyone questioned Thomas Phelan’s rise to the top of the state’s cross country scene as a reality, they officially received their answer on Saturday afternoon. The answer they got was simple: […]

Inside Bethel News

Bethel Fair showcases cultivations, creations

by K.J. Lincoln The Bethel Fair featured the first class of Bethel’s homemade creations, arts and crafts, photography, gardening, sewing, delicious pies, and stunning jams and jellies. Winning the People’s Choice Award out of 124 […]

Speak Your Mind

Two recent decisions prove why we need the Stand for Salmon Ballot Measure 1

by Bob Shavelson In the lead-up to the Labor Day holiday weekend, when Alaskans were distracted with camping and hunting and fishing plans, our State government quietly issued two decisions which show exactly why we […]

Village Telegraph

Federal and State agencies acknowledge harmful impacts of past bird harvest prohibitions

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) formally issued an apology to Alaska Native peoples for the unintended consequences of implementation of migratory bird harvest prohibitions. […]

Speak Your Mind

A Place by any Other Name

by Louie Andrew There was a notice of sorts some years back in the local newspaper (Tundra Drums) in spring concerning dogs having rabies or the possibility of rabies within the Bethel city limits. Rabies […]

In our Native Land

The Salmon State: “Surfing the salmon wave” in Bristol Bay Habitat diversity produces salmon diversity — and well-nourished predators

by Mary Catharine Martin By mid-August Bristol Bay’s river systems are choked with fish, but early July, when most of the bay’s sockeye salmon are fighting their way in from the sea, is another story. […]