State of Alaska District Court in Bethel September 10 – 14


Pius Joe, 34 2nd Degree Assault 7 Yrs., 5 Yrs. Prob.

Matthew Black, 27 4th Degree Assault 60 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob.

Winifred Olick, 44 1st Degree Harassment 60 Days

Jimmy Hunter, 65 2nd Degree Criminal Trespassing 1 Yr. Prob.

Harvey Anvil, 58 Driving Under the Influence $1500, 3 Days, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Sean Jimmie, 47 1st Degree Criminal Trespassing 1 Yr. Prob.

Chelsea Wassillie, 24 4th Degree Assault 1 Yr. Prob.

Lawrence Chiklak, 32 3rd Degree Assault $200

Mary K. Evan-Morgan, 32 2nd Degree Harassment 1 Yr. Prob.

Ludwig N. M. White, 26 4th Degree Assault 30 Days, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Kenny Kameroff, 33 Violate Conditions of Release 5 Days

Denise Jimmie, 33 Violate Conditions of Release 3 Days

Ryan Greydanus, 32 4th Degree Controlled Substance $250, 1 Yr. Prob.

Jason N. Active, 20 4th Degree Weapons Misconduct 3 Yrs. Prob.

Andrea James, 36 2nd Degree Criminal Trespassing 5 Days

Christopher Herman, 36 Violate Conditions of Release, 2nd Degree Criminal Trespassing 15 Days


Probation violations

Elton C. Peter, 34 Violated Conditions of Probation

Ian Jasper, 20 Violated Conditions of Probation 3 Days

Dominic E. Winger, 30 Violated Conditions of Probation

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