Bethel Fair showcases cultivations, creations

Kris Manke won the Bethel Fair's 5th Annual Cribbage Tournament. His prize was an antler cribbage board. From left are Casey Burke, Kris, and Beverly Hoffman. Photo courtesy of Beverly Hoffman

by K.J. Lincoln

The Bethel Fair featured the first class of Bethel’s homemade creations, arts and crafts, photography, gardening, sewing, delicious pies, and stunning jams and jellies. Winning the People’s Choice Award out of 124 total entries was a handmade wooden toy boat made by Don Snodgrass. Six Best in Category prizes were also awarded along with 29 first place ribbons.

There was also the fun cribbage tournament. Kris Manke won the Bethel Fair 5th annual Cribbage tournament organized by Casey Burke. Manke beat Beverly Hoffman for the Championship. His father-in-law Walter Larson won the 2017 tournament and the award stays in the family for another year.

Other activities included the entertaining and standing room only Bethel’s Got Talent Show, the Wild Bird Presentation, and a Kids Carnival at the 4-H Center.

The Bethel Fair was sponsored by the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center, organizer Reyne Athanas and staff, and volunteers. Below are the Best in Categery and 1st Place winner results.

2018 Bethel Fair Winners


Best in Category: Dendra Chavez

Nature: Diane McEachern

Animal: Diane McEachern

People: Dendra Chavez

Landscape: Ann Kosacheff

Fiber Arts

Best in Category: Diane McEachern

Books: Sarah Bineax

Wall Hanging: Judy Wasierski

Qaspeq: Kong Lankait

Crochet: Mary Hoffman

Quilt: Diane McEachern

Wearable: Billie Chavez


Best in Category: Josh Fisher – Wheat/Barley

Leafy: Rhoda Kohl

Root: Phillip Perry

Plants: Beverly Hoffman

Flowers: Beverly Hoffman and Rhoda Kohl

Skin Sewing

Ladies Slippers: Kelly Lincoln

Headdress: Kelly Lincoln

Wood Carving

Best in Category: Marie Alfred

Toys: Don Snodgrass


Kippered: Harry and Fern Faulkner

Jarred: Dit Hoffman

Strips: Pauline Thomas

Home Remedies

Healing Salve: Kelly Lincoln


Blackberry Akutaq: Kelly Lincoln

Pickled Veggies: Reyne Athanas

Dried Pears: Rebecca Trimble

Jams & Jellies

Best in Category: Bonnie Bradbury – Cherry Jam

Jams: Reyne Athanas – Spicy Jam

Jellies: Dit Hoffman – Salmonberry Jelly


Best in Category: Reyne Athanas

Painted Bisque: Anna David

Thrown: Reyne Athanas

Mold: Casie Stockdale