YK Delta Women in Philanthropy announces funding availability

by BCSF Staff

The YK Delta Women in Philanthropy giving circle announces $9,140 in funds available for our 2020 local or regional grant. The focus area for proposals in 2020 is homelessness. Members encourage any local or regional organization or group with a project fitting the funding criteria to apply.

Applications are available now via an online form at ykdeltawomen.org. The application can also be downloaded from the website.

Proposals are due April 3rd by 5:00 pm. YK Delta Women in Philanthropy members will review submitted applications and have an opportunity to ask clarifying questions. Applicants will answer these questions between April 20th and April 24th. Funding decisions will be announced after May 1st, 2020.

Within the category of homelessness, giving circle members are most interested in projects related to the activities of Bethel’s Housing and Homelessness Coalition, and a second tier of priority will be given to projects related to food security and youth/teen homelessness. Members will, however, consider all projects within the homelessness issue area.

In 2019, YK Delta Women in Philanthropy raised $37,304 through member contributions. The funds are hosted at Bethel Community Services Foundation. The funds are split four ways- 1) growing an endowment (permanent fund) for the giving circle itself, 2) growing an endowment for the international South Sudan Medical Relief project, which is administered by local physician, Dr. Jill Seaman, 3) making a grant to South Sudan Medical Relief for immediate use and 4) making a local grant for immediate use.

Out of the funds raised in 2019, an immediate use grant of $9,140 was made to South Sudan Medical Relief for use in Dr. Jill Seaman’s clinic in Old Fangak, South Sudan.

So far, the giving circle, which launched in 2016, has raised a total of $130,885 in its first four years of existence and currently has 74 members. Any woman who is interested in our giving circle model is invited to join.

The philosophy of our giving circle is “The Giving of One. The Impact of Many.” Organizer Katie Basile explains it this way, “As an individual, I really like the giving circle model because it unites people in making positive change. As one person, I can only contribute so much to a specific cause, but together we can pool our money and make a much bigger impact.”

This concept of giving circles allows donors to make a monthly, quarterly or annual contribution and participate in decision-making processes to determine what projects will be funded with pooled funds raised by the group. Donors have the opportunity to meet quarterly; meeting attendance is optional.

For more information about the YK Delta Women in Philanthropy or to learn about joining, visit our website: www.ykdeltawomen.org or email Lisa at [email protected].