What is wrong with introducing and enforcing prohibition? (Part 2)

by Andrew Boyscout

Before 1920, there was a movement to have “dry” communities, which we know was successful, despite the fight against saloon owners, alcohol producers, and such like.

Chicago had an experience where the cops were wearing white gloves because the criminal activities had diminished big time.

That’s history in so many words.

But despite the prohibition, there are still the bootleggers. And I mean they still are. And of course, the producers and sellers.

Alcohol has been a destructive source to many native communities and of course, the big cities. The need for public safety in the villages predominately had to do with the influence of alcohol.

Millions, even billions have been spent to “fix” the effects of alcohol. The alcohol board provides the license to sell the alcohol, and then the city, or state, or the federal in turn taxes the sale of alcohol to fix the effects of the alcohol that created the problem in the first place by the alcohol.

The court system spends millions to make judgments for the cause and effects of the alcohol usage, because the appointed Alcohol Board made a decision that it is okay to sell.

An average of daily alcohol related crimes are about 1,370 crimes per day, that’s around 500,000 annually. That’s not including the unreported crimes.

With all that said in a few words, in general, we can bring a question:

Is it a PRE-MEDITATED destruction to our society by the breweries producing alcohol? Is it a PRE-MEDITATED chaos of our communities by the decision of the council making alcohol legal? Is it a pre-meditated assault, pre-meditated domestic violence, pre-meditated child abuse, premeditated rape, etc. by a person drinking the alcohol and acting on the assault, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, etc.

Is it a PRE-MEDITATED murder when someone drinks and drives a vehicle and kills someone?

PREMEDITATED means – (of an action, especially a crime) thought out or planned beforehand.

These are serious questions. We know alcohol alters the person’s ability to think and operate when they drink, so with that knowledge, I repeat, with that knowledge, it must be PRE-MEDITATED. The person knows that this is what happens when they drink.

The seller is wanting to get rich, the outcome does not really matter, because their view is that it is the choice of the user. Which is true. But history shows us that love of money is the root of all evil.

PRE-MEDITATED crime is a serious accusation. But in all reality, we are just stating facts.

In closing of this chapter, I repeat the question, what is wrong with introducing and enforcing prohibition.

This is not final! Thank you.

Andrew Boyscout is a resident of Chevak, AK.

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