Tourists want to see wolves

You see in the News that the tourist are not seeing Denali wolves like they used to. One of the reasons is that the state allows wolves to be hunted/trapped close to the Denali area and of course this brings down the number of wolves there. The death of these wolves does not benefit the tourist who want to take photos of these wolves and show the photos to all their friends when they go back home. Tourist having these photos of these wolves helps make the sale to their friends to come to Alaska on vacation. Tourist bring in much more benefits to Alaska economy then dead wolves do. Someone in the state needs to put on their thinking caps and figure this out.

John Suter

Chugiak, AK

Apologies needed

Hi, I need to let the people know, that the news that was on in June about my son Ray D. Steeves is all fake. The news people and superintendent of Aniak didn’t know the real truth when they were giving their statements and news.

My son Ray Steeves wasn’t walking around town with a gun. All he did was a domestic violence and it blew out of the truth and fake reports. The superintendent of Aniak had no way of knowing what was going on here in Kalskag. He called and had all schools on lock down. I understand that, it was done many other times. He needs to apologize to my son for all what he said and did.

So do the news people. It made the whole village worried, because we all know Ray Steeves couldn’t do that.

I was in Anchorage with my daughter while she was having her baby girl at that time. And I called Ray and he called me the whole time. He said he was held up in his house but he wasn’t going anywhere.

He hated the Bethel YK jail system. Him and another person were told if they don’t do what they say they will stay longer. He reported it to his district attorney, but was anything done about this jail guard sexually harassing jail inmates?

Who would want to go back to that treatment?

One of our community members, working for the water sewer project in Lower Kalskag, told the boss to close down the project till they catch Ray Steeves, he might go down there with a gun. Wow!!!

I just couldn’t believe that. Ray doesn’t have anything against the project to do such a thing. It was closed down for almost two weeks. It was said on facebook why are they not trying to catch Ray so the workers can go back to work.

Lots of bad vibes was going on during that time.

At the end Ray turned himself in on the 4th of July. Tired of rumors, wrong information going around and just plain tired of it all.

I love my son Ray Steeves and I know him his whole life. He could never do what they all said.

I hope they correct this and apologize to my son. Thank you!

Loreen Steeves

Kalskag, AK

Statement from Jason Metrokin regarding EPA’s decision to withdraw the Proposed Determination for Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) President and Chief Executive Officer Jason Metrokin released the following statement regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to withdraw the Proposed Determination for the Bristol Bay Watershed:

EPA’s decision to withdraw the Proposed Determination for the Bristol Bay Watershed is inconsistent with both science and the agency’s core mission of protecting human health and the environment. Earlier this month, EPA and multiple other federal and state expert agencies identified numerous deficiencies and data gaps in the Army Corps’ Draft EIS for the proposed Pebble mine. It defies logic that EPA would then take a step backwards and undercut its ability to ensure these deficiencies are properly addressed and Bristol Bay is protected against risks the proposed mine poses to the region, its people and its thriving fishing economy. It is even more troubling that EPA is taking this action so soon after it made a recent commitment to the people of Bristol Bay that it had no timeline for revisiting former Administrator Scott Pruitt’s suspension of the Proposed Determination withdrawal.

A large majority of BBNC shareholders, more than 80%, are concerned about the risks Pebble poses to the region and its fisheries and are opposed to this project. BBNC will always advocate for its shareholders’ best interests and will continue to oppose this inherently dangerous proposal. One thing is certain: the people of Bristol Bay and BBNC will not stand down.

Bristol Bay’s commercial fishery is once again on pace for a record sockeye salmon harvest, but the people, the economy and a way of life that is dependent on these incredible fish are put at risk by today’s decision. We are evaluating EPA’s decision and exploring all options and next steps.

Bristol Bay Native Corporation

Anchorage, AK