Stop wanton waste of bycatch

Dear Leaders of Bristol Bay and Calista:

Bristol Bay Forever salmon will not be able to survive if the protection of our ecosystems in Bristol Bay AND the ecosystems of the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea are destroyed because of Wanton Waste of the NOAA, NPFMC, and the State of Alaska sanctioned bycatch discards.

People in Bristol Bay MUST be pushing for stopping the WANTON WASTE of bycatch discards in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea.

IF we don’t do that, the salmon that migrate from the fresh, pristine waters of Bristol Bay and other Southwestern rivers that we depend on for Subsistence will have no food if the ecosystems of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea are destroyed by WANTON WASTE discards of bycatch endemic in the off shore trawl fisheries.

This is also true for the salmon that migrate back to the Southwest streams like the Kuskokwim River system. We MUST STOP Wanton Waste of bycatch discards in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea.

Nels Anderson, Jr.

Curyung Tribal Member USAF Veteran

How do you find a great workplace? Look at their online reputation

The process of finding a job has evolved, and it’s because expectations have grown. Jobseekers are looking for more than just securing a paycheck. There’s now a higher priority placed on finding a workplace that allows its team members to thrive and grow and is worthy of their trust.

Checking those boxes starts by looking at an employer’s online reputation. Experiences shared by former employees, recent customers as well as other important factors can help you determine the trustworthiness of a prospective workplace.

Finding Trustworthy Employers

We’re In the heart of job-hunting season: January and February are when job openings and job searches are at their highest. Before you decide to respond to a job posting this winter, make time to delve into the reputation of any company that catches your eye.

Start your research by checking BBB reviews to evaluate verified customer feedback and sites such as Glassdoor to read employee impressions. Experiences shared on those two platforms can be instrumental in shaping your perception of the company.

What to Look for in Reviews

As you read reviews, focus on consistency and responsiveness. For example, is the same issue mentioned over and over again? How does the business respond to those issues? Does the business respond at all?

Responses often offer a glimpse into the employer’s commitment to resolving issues and putting their customers and employees first. It’s a factor BBB considers when accrediting a business, and it’s a crucial aspect that jobseekers should take into account, too.

And be sure to exercise caution. Not all reviews carry the same weight. Some may be influenced by trolls or disgruntled employees, potentially leading to biased or unfair assessments. So, be discerning when you encounter a few negative reviews or a single person posting identical negative comments across multiple platforms.

Additional Factors in Evaluating Reputation

Beyond online reviews, there are other avenues to explore when researching a company’s reputation. Take a look at these online spaces:

1. Company Website: Begin by looking over the company’s website. It’s where you can gain insights into the organization’s mission, values, and culture. Dive into sections such as ‘About Us,’ the careers page, and any company blogs to get a deeper understanding of their character.

2. Social Media and LinkedIn: Social media platforms and LinkedIn profiles serve as excellent resources for understanding a company’s culture and its interactions with its audience. Companies often use these platforms to showcase events, community involvement, and support for specific causes or nonprofits, providing valuable insight into their values and priorities.

3. News Articles: For well-established companies, you can often find articles on business and news websites that shed light on their history and reputation. Look for information on leadership stability, significant events such as layoffs, or recognition for employee-friendly policies.

Your Career Matters

Selecting a trustworthy employer can profoundly impact your job satisfaction and overall well-being, so you’re right to hold high expectations. Invest time in thorough research to enhance your chances of securing a job with a company that resonates with your values and offers a conducive work environment.

For more information on connecting with a trustworthy business, visit

Dale Dixon, Chief Innovation Officer

BBB Great West + Pacific

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