Lancer Smith Middle School Wrestling tournament

Bethel wrestlers also participated in the Lancer Smith Memorial Wrestling Tournament in Palmer this past weekend. The Middle School Girls Team won 1st Place for the Girls Division and Bethel Middle School placed 3rd overall. Winning gold medals were Isabel Lieb in the girls 128 and 136 lb. divisions and Paul Dyment in the boys 114 and 118-122 lb. brackets.

Girls Results

105 lb: Ambrea Jackson, 3rd

113-120 lb: Briella Herron, 2nd

128 lb: Isabel Lieb’s place, 1st

128 lb: Maya Komulainen, 2nd

136 lb: Isabel Lieb’s place, 1st

Boys Results

90 lb: Ethan Wheeler, 2nd

84 lb: Sheldon Smith, 2nd

84 lb: Alvino Vasquez, 3rd

98 lb: Ethan Wheeler, 1st

114 lb: Paul Dyment, 1st

114 lb: Aaron Mute, 2nd

118-122 lb: Paul Dyment, 1st

118-122 lb: Aaron Mute, 3rd

160-165 lb: Zahcory Jacobs-McDonald, 2nd

Ellis Johnson also competed in the 132 lb. division.