Coronavirus outbreak scare in California

Howdy y’all it’s Caleb Kim, and I’m going to tell you about how Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting the state of California. I am currently writing this article in California, so I guess you can say I have quite the insight on things. But first what is the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is a disease that affects the respiratory system (similar to the flu) that has earned the title of a worldwide pandemic.

The Coronavirus has caused quite the scene down here in California. Some people are panicking and buying unnecessary amounts of essential items (toilet paper, bottled water, and hand sanitizer). The state of California is on lockdown. Residents are allowed to purchase groceries, prescriptions and health care, as well as commute to jobs deemed essential.

All businesses and public places have closed…all except essential places like laundromats and banks. Due to this the city is pretty quiet. People in California are quarantining and social distancing to fight the spread of the virus.

Some tips to help prevent the virus:

● Wash your hands

● Avoid close contact–practice social distancing


● Clean and disinfect

There is no known cure or vaccine for this disease yet. So practicing these procedures will help prevent the spread and lower the casualties. Stay safe!

Caleb Kim, BRHS

Bethel, AK

Legislators request statewide Shelter in Place order for Alaska

March 26, 2020

Dear Governor Dunleavy,

Alaska is in crisis. COVID-19 has been detected in multiple communities across our state, and without extreme measures, the virus will continue to spread rapidly and impact us all for generations. Additional decisive action must be taken to protect the lives and well-being of all Alaskans.

We respectfully ask that you issue a statewide shelter in place order in Alaska. We ask that the duration of this shelter in place order should be determined with recommendations from the state’s Chief Medical Officer and the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. While such an order would undoubtedly cause hardship for some Alaskans, it is our firm belief that the people of Alaska will bear this and even more sacrifices to keep their friends, family, and neighbors safe.

Cities, villages, and boroughs all over the state have already issued shelter in place orders to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These measures are aimed at reducing the burden on our healthcare system and avoiding preventable loss of life. However, many municipalities lack the legal authority to issue these types of mandates, and areas outside organized boroughs do not have these health care powers and need state action.

Alaska faces a particularly high risk of overwhelming our healthcare capacity and we must flatten the curve of this impact. Data has shown that the most effective way to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus is to limit travel and person-to-person interactions, and to do so in a far-reaching and comprehensive manner. A statewide shelter in place order would slow the spread of this deadly virus and allow our healthcare system to better manage this pandemic.

We thank you for the actions you have already taken to keep Alaskans safe, but more must be done, and it must be done quickly. A statewide shelter in place mandate will prevent illness, save lives, and give Alaska’s healthcare providers the time they so desperately need. We urge you to implement a statewide shelter in place mandate immediately.

Thank you for your consideration,

The undersigned Alaska State Representatives:

Alaska State Legislature

Representatives Adam Wool, Chris Tuck, Steve Thompson, Geran Tarr, Dave Talerico, Andy Story, Ivy Spohnholz, Dan Ortiz, Gabrielle LeDoux, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Andy Josephson, Sharon Jackson, Grier Hopkins, Sara Hannan, Speaker Bryce Edgmon, Harriet Drummond, Matt Claman, and Tiffany Zulkosky

Bethel Family Clinic Denying Medical Care

On Tuesday 03/24/20 at 1:30 p.m., I had an appointment at the Bethel Family Clinic. I arrived at 1:18 p.m., was handed a form to fill out, which I did, handing it back, being entered into the computer at 1:28 p.m.

At this time an employee of Bethel Family Clinic, walked by the front desk and saw my file, noticing the time I was checked in and told me, “You came in too late, you can’t see your provider, our policy is you have to be here 30 minutes ahead of your appointment time.”

Now, I felt very poorly with a continuing sinus infection; I pointed out I was actually there at 1:18, not 1:30. The employee replied in a patronizing tone, “Well, there is an opening on Thursday.” I sat dumbfounded. The employee was the manager of another department, what were they doing in the medical clinic? Why was this individual denying me access to medical care especially at this time of National Emergency due to the Chinese Corona Virus?

One of the ladies at the front desk very helpfully pointed out there was an opening the next day on Wednesday 3/25/20 at 2:00 p.m., which I had to take, forcing me to wait another 24-hours while I was sick.

This is the actual policy from the Clinics’ email: “Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment with your ID, insurance card, and prescription bottles to expedite the check-in process and your appointment.” Where does it say anything regarding denial of medical care should you not show up 30 minutes prior to your appointment?

Has the Bethel Family Clinic authorized secretarial support functionaries to make medical evaluations now? Based on what, what are the employee’s qualifications, who gave them (the employee) the authority to deny a person who is suffering, access to medical care? The operations manager, the Board of Directors, who?

If there has been anyone else who was denied medical care based on this spurious, asinine “reason”, please send me a letter at P.O. Box 3428; protections need to be in place to prevent this abuse from happening ever again.

Roger Rothschild

Bethel, Alaska

Hello out there

So, I was thinking of Our Education system. First, our legislators passed a law saying our children have to go to school until they are 16 years of age. Yet they are taking away monies away from our education system, and lining their own pockets by giving themselves a higher per-diem.

Oh, and now they are proposing that if the child is not reading by 3rd grade they will cause harm to both the parent and the child by taking the children away and placing them where? Causing the State to spend more money. Who benefits? Certainly not the children.

Well, some of those children are dyslexic. Some prefer math over reading. Some might need Special Ed. of which they may not be getting because our so-called legislators want to cut the budget. To put it into their pockets as far as I see it.

Those over there are supposed to pretend we don’t have a PFD, that was made to help people within Alaska make it through the winter. As far as they are supposed to be concerned Alaska supposedly grossed millions/billions of dollars in revenue. They are supposed to use the monies from that.

The legislators that we put into office aren’t supposed to be giving themselves more money, they are supposed to be putting the funds into project like having funds available to pay people who go and get Elders/Disabled wood, water, etc.

For a few years now I have been trying to find outlets that would help in making a place like AVTEC here in Unalakleet. This year I might finally be making headway. I am writing to different entities to see if they are willing to help fund this project. I would put any proceeds from anyone into an account, I hope doesn’t take years to do. Then when it is deemed enough, try to get matching funds from the State to accomplish this.

I am asking anyone who is interested to maybe do cakewalks and sending the money to be put into that fund, or people could just send donations.

It is my belief that people here are nice, supportive, and willing to help people out. We are a small enough community to know each other, and a sub-hub for other communities. In that respect some of these people can travel from this community to home roundtrip for $100.

So if a person gets homesick they might have this opportunity, thus making them more successful in completing their training, instead of getting too homesick and quitting, which, not only might make them feel like failures, but also makes it harder for them to go back. Along with paying a college debt. Maybe makes some think suicide.

Have a good spring and summer people. May God bless your subsistence activities.

Karen Nanouk

Unalakleet, AK

Alaskans Need the PFD Now

Alaska is at a critical point. Oil prices have tanked. The threat from the Covid-19 virus is obvious. Our state’s fiscal and budgetary situation is in chaos. The wealth Alaska has received in the last four decades from oil belonging to the citizens has largely been spent.

Looking back, it is easy to determine we spent too much of our non-renewable oil wealth and saved too little. As a result of our spending habits, we face a fiscal crisis, one that is augmented by the Covid-19 virus, low oil prices and a volatile stock market.

Our organization, the Permanent Fund Defenders, believe prompt action is required to prevent Alaska from falling in economic catastrophe. Instead of managing this crisis, we fear our elected officials will accelerate the raids on the Permanent Fund earnings and deny Alaskan citizens the direct benefits of their savings account.

Now is the time for all Alaskans to stand together to defend the Permanent Fund and use our savings wealth for the benefit of every Alaskan.

Wealthy Alaskans and those with power want to divert funding for the PFD into government so they do not have to pay taxes. This hurts those among us with the smallest resources and builds the budget on the backs of the poor.

Given the crisis we face, the wise thing for our elected officials to do is immediately make an additional PFD payment based on the 2019 application process. Using the 2019 application process will allow for payment of a $1,400 within sixty days, benefiting every eligible Alaskan and especially those most in need.

Payment of $1,400 to every Alaskan eligible for a PFD last year will provide a buffer to the economic uncertainty caused by low oil prices and the Covid-19 virus. Alaskans need relief today, not down the trail.

Governments like Hong Kong are making immediate cash payments to every adult resident to stimulate their economy, a move hailed by many economists as a sound way to protect the economy and reduce economic uncertainty.

Alaska’s people and our economy will benefit from an immediate payment to every person of $1,400. Payment now, based on the eligibility requirements from last year when the PFD was reduced, will help Alaskans through these difficult times.

The earnings generated by the Permanent Fund belongs to the people of Alaska, not the lobbyists and special interests trying to deny Alaskans from obtaining a responsible share of their saved wealth.

For too long, Alaska’s politicians have avoided making the hard choices that would put our state government spending on a sustainable trajectory. Our politicians have spent too much, avoided tough calls on making government more accountable and toyed with various borrowing and fiscal incentive schemes that favor powerful special interests.

It’s past time for Alaska’s elected officials to put the citizens first and stop pandering to

special interests. Now is the time for the legislature to act by appropriating a portion of the earnings wealth to the people. The earnings wealth derived from the Permanent Fund belongs to the citizens of Alaska, not the special interests.

Payment of an additional $1,400 as part of the 2019 PFD program will help individuals in our state and mitigate the economic impact caused by the Covid-19 virus and a diminished economy.

Going forward, what Alaskans deserve and need is a constitutional amendment that permanently protects the Permanent Fund. The mineral resource wealth from our commons belongs to all Alaskans equally. Every Alaskan deserves an equal share of our wealth.

After the legislature appropriates a supplemental PFD payment, they need to put a constitutional amendment before the voters allowing for a sensible draw from Permanent Fund earnings, perpetual protection of the Permanent Fund from the ravages of inflation and a guaranteed payment of a dividend to every eligible Alaskan.

Permanent protection of the people’s wealth and payment of a dividend is hardly a radical proposition. After all, the wealth belongs to the people of Alaska, not the lobbyists and special interests trying to deny Alaskans from obtaining a responsible share of their saved wealth.

Juanita Cassellius

Permanent Fund Defenders

Eagle River, AK

Example: 9075434113