Wrestling results for the Great Alaska Conference championships

The Bethel Warriors hosted the Great Alaska Conference wrestling tournament this past weekend at the WarriorDome. First and second place wrestlers will have automatic berths at the state wrestling championship this week, December 17-18, 2021 in Anchorage.

Wrestlers from Aniak, Chevak, Emmonak, Hooper Bay, Kotlik, Mountain Village, Napaskiak, Quinhagak, Scammon Bay, St. Mary’s, and Unalaska joined the Warriors at the WarriorDome for two days of wrestling finals.

Eleven Bethel Warrior wrestlers earned berths to the state championships: Alvino Vasquez and Liam Phelan (103 lb.), Landon Smith (119 lb.) who will be entering the state tournament with an undefeated record, Paul Dyment (125 lb.), Joseph Smith and Aaron Mute (130 lb.), Charles Smith (145 lb.), Ellis Johnson (152 lb.), Jordan Leinberger (160 lb.), Mason Fitka (171 lb.) and Landon Burke (215 lb.).

Napaskiak’s Seth Jacob (112 lb.) also finished in the top two and will be headed to state. Quinhagak will send Daylon Brown (112 lb.) and Jerritt Nicholai (135 lb.). Hooper Bay will send August Seton (119 lb.) and Thomas Smith (189 lb.). Kaden Tangiegak (125 lb.), Awesome Ulroan (140 lb.), John Pingayak (145 lb.), and Avron Atchak (152 lb.) will go for Chevak. Scammon Bay’s Cassius Sundown (135 lb.) and Adrian Kopanuk (160 lb.) has also earned a spot at state.

And fresh off of the Mixed 6 state championship court is Nafre Bagongon (140 lb.) of Emmonak who earned a spot on the state bracket.

St. Mary’s will send David Beans (171 lb.), Ethan Alstrom (285 lb.) and Matthew Afcan (285 lb.). Unalaska wrestler Matheas Lopez (215 lb.) also earned a state berth.

St. Mary’s won the Academic Award with a 3.89 GPA. Adrian Kopanuk (Scammon Bay) was voted the Outstanding Wrestler.

Wrestlers who did not place in the top two still have a chance to go to state if they are chosen to fill the at-large berths.

2021 Great Alaska Conference Wrestling Championship Boys Results

December 9-10, 2021


1st Alvino Vasquez, Bethel High School

2nd Liam Phelan, Bethel High School

3rd Brendon Brown, Quinhagak

4th Preston Prunes, Mountain Village

5th Keegan Ward, Aniak


1st Daylon Brown, Quinhagak

2nd Seth Jacob, Napaskiak

3rd Sheldon Smith, Bethel High School

4th Ayagarak Bill, Mountain Village

6th Ashton Charlie, Napakiak

6th Dylan Brown, Quinhagak


1st Landon Smith, Bethel High School

2nd August Seton, Hooper Bay

3rd Marshal Nicholai, Napaskiak

4th Aubrey Kasayuli, Scammon Bay


1st Paul Dyment, Bethel High School

2nd Kaden Tangiegak, Chevak

3rd Eldred Paradeza, Unalaska

4th Leo Moore, Emmonak


1st Joseph Smith, Bethel High School

2nd Aaron Mute, Bethel High School

3rd Keegan Tangiegak, Chevak

4th Dante Nukusuk, Hooper Bay


1st Cassius Sundown, Scammon Bay

2nd Jerritt Nicholai, Quinhagak

3rd Logan Moore, Emmonak

4th Shawn McIntyre, Bethel High School

5th Andrae Shorty, Emmonak


1st Nafre Bagongon, Emmonak

2nd Awesome Ulroan, Chevak

3rd Liam Pingayak, Chevak

4th Derrell Andrews, Emmonak


1st Charles Smith, Bethel High School

2nd John Pingayak, Chevak

3rd Mitchell Kaganak, Scammon Bay

4th Jonathan Alexie Jr., Quinhagak

5th Sam Peterson, Aniak


1st Avron Atchak, Chevak

2nd Ellis Johnson, Bethel High School

3rd Miguel Torres, Unalaska

4th Uriah Tonuchuk, Kotlik School

5th Albert Yunak, Scammon Bay


1st Adrian Kopanuk, Scammon Bay

2nd Jordan Leinberger, Bethel High School

3rd Greg Larson, Napaskiak

4th Patricio Vasquez, Bethel High School

6th Edmond Pingayak, Hooper Bay

6th Sherman Kelila, Aniak


1st Mason Fitka, Bethel High School

2nd David Beans, St Mary`s

3rd Cameron Tai, St Mary`s

4th Dale Gregory, Emmonak


1st Thomas Smith, Hooper Bay


1st Landon Burke, Bethel High School

2nd Matheas Lopez, Unalaska

3rd Jeffery Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

4th Zahcory Jacobs-McDonald, Bethel High School


1st Ethan Alstrom, St Mary`s

2nd Matthew Afcan, St Mary`s

Team Scores: 1 Bethel, 231.5; 2 Chevak, 82; 3 Scammon Bay, 68; 4 Quinhagak, 66; 5 St Mary`s, 53; 6 Napaskiak, 46; 7 Emmonak, 39; 8 Hooper Bay, 36; 9 Unalaska, 29; 10 Mountain Village, 19; 11 Kotlik School, 8; 12 Napakiak, 3; 13 Aniak.

Great Alaska Conference girls wrestling results

Lady wrestlers in the Great Alaska Conference had their regional tournament in Bethel last weekend, hosted by the Warriors. The top two placing wrestlers will be headed to the state tournament this week, December 17-19, 2021.

Teams from Alakanuk, Chevak, Emmonak, Hooper Bay, Napakiak, Napaskiak, Scammon Bay, St. Mary’s, Quinhagak, Tuntutuliak, Unalaska decended upon the WarriorDome in Bethel, joining the host team – the Bethel Warriors.

Lady Warriors who earned berths at the state tournament include Emilie Madson (103 lb.), Jordan Klejka (119 lb.), Briella Herron (125 lb.), Fiona Phelan (130 lb.), Payton Boney (135 lb.) and Isabel Lieb (145 lb.).

Angelina Chiklak (103 lb.) and Michelle Atcherian (112 lb.) also earned berths. Quinhagak will send Chayland Pleasant (112 lb.). Mixed 6 state finalist and volleyball star Kilee Fratis of Emmonak (119 lb.) is also going to state along with her teammate Tawny Redfox (235 lb.).

Scammon Bay wrestlers Liliauna Simon (125 lb.), April Uttereyuk (130 lb.), Kaylee Simon (145 lb.), Shyanne Kopanuk (189 lb.), and Seeya Rivers (235 lb.) also earned spots. Napaskiak’s Hilary Larson will also compete at state in the 135 lb. bracket.

Alakanuk’s Jacelyn Chikigak will also wrestle at state in the 160 lb. division. She was voted the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler. Unalaska will send Kirsten Henning for the same bracket. Tuntutuliak’s Chandra Stone also earned a berth at state for 189 lb. 

There are still the at-large berths that will be filled by wrestlers who did not place in the top two.

2021 Great Alaska Conference Wrestling Championship Girls Results

December 9-10, 2021


1st Emilie Madson, Bethel

2nd Angelina Chiklak, Chevak

3rd Emma Friendly, Tuntutuliak

4th Ashley Tinker, St. Mary`s

6th Hayden Naneng, Bethel

6th Jesselynn Logusak, Quinhagak


1st Chayland Pleasant, Quinhagak

2nd Michelle Atcherian, Chevak

3rd Cadence Cedars, Bethel

4th Benise Tinker, Hooper Bay


1st Kilee Fratis, Emmonak

2nd Jordan Klejka, Bethel

3rd Flora Nanuk, Scammon Bay

4th Zenovia Pavila, Tuntutuliak


1st Briella Herron, Bethel

2nd Liliauna Simon, Scammon Bay


1st Fiona Phelan, Bethel

2nd April Uttereyuk, Scammon Bay

3rd Henrietta Kelly, St. Mary`s

4th Mildred Tinker, St. Mary`s


1st Payton Boney, Bethel

2nd Hilary Larson, Napaskiak


1st Isabel Lieb, Bethel

2nd Kaylee Simon, Scammon Bay

3rd Lynn Fayram, Unalaska

4th Sandra Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay


1st Jacelyn Chikigak, Alakanuk

2nd Kirsten Henning, Unalaska

3rd Haley Tagoai, Alakanuk


1st Chandra Stone, Tuntutuliak

2nd Shyanne Kopanuk, Scammon Bay


1st Seeya Rivers, Scammon Bay

2nd Tawny Redfox, Emmonak

Team Scores: 1 Bethel, 132; 2 Scammon Bay, 79; 3 Tuntutuliak, 40; 4 Chevak, 39; 5 Alakanuk, 31; 6 Emmonak, 30; 6 St. Mary`s, 30; 8 Quinhagak, 29; 9 Unalaska, 21; 10 Hooper Bay, 15; 11 Napaskiak, 10; 12 Napakiak, 0.0.