Wishes for a great new year

by Greg Lincoln

photo by Greg Lincoln

Merry Christmas everyone! This week is the last week of 2019 and we have made it through another year with your thoughtful help and support. Quyana!

So now it is time for us to take our annual week off mostly to rest, rejuvenate, to get caught up on stuff, and to visit and enjoy our family and friends during this Christmas season. Our first issue of the New Year will be coming out on January 8th.

Congratulations to the Bethel Warriors for a job well done at the state wrestling tournament. You represented your school and communities and made us proud. We hope that you will continue your success throughout the rest of your schooling and beyond.

Congratulations to our YK region wrestlers who made it to state. We hope to see you again there at the next tournament. What does that mean? It means you are a student first, making those grades. Keep it up!

We have also made it past Winter Solstice, daylight is now slowly increasing. The increase seems almost undetectable, so very slight, yet it is happening.

With the coming new year comes resolutions. Do you have plans on what to be resolute about? Making resolutions means to make a firm decision to do or not do something. Exercising more, eating healthier, and quitting those harmful habits are some good resolutions.

There was once a person who resolved not to put sugar in their tea. At first the tea tasted unappealing without the added sweetness, but slowly they got used to it. What happened then? They started feeling healthier and lighter. This person had the willpower and they were successful, they overcame.

So whatever you put your mind to, you can do it.

We wish you the best and hope that your Christmas is full of peace and hope. We will be looking forward to another great year of publishing the Delta Discovery. We wish you a Happy New Year.