The Skies the Limit to finding gainful employment

by Peter Twitchell

Anchorage has given me even more options what to do to help people. I have been going to 3 job fairs and everyone wants to hire someone for the busy summer months which will be upon us before we realize it.
Jobs aren’t far away, they are just around the corner and down the road here. If I was in my twenties I would have a hey day just finding gainful employment.
It wasn’t so much different in 1972 when I lived here for a year taking courses in radio broadcasting. At the time I applied for 3 jobs and was offered all that I applied for. You can’t say jobs aren’t available here, at one fair they stated that 6,000 jobs were available in Anchorage. The jobs are available, you just have to commit yourself to working, and accomplish your job commitment.
A job is like a commitment to your wife and family, understanding that we are here to serve and help one another. A job is what we do to earn money to pay the bills, because it’s a lifelong commitment, and something you can be proud of in twenty years, then you have the option of starting a second career.
As they say, “Sky’s the Limit!” Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity in your life to do something you enjoy and get great satisfaction from!
A career pays you back in great dividends. I get excited when someone tells me a dividend is going to be paid out. It is the Quagciq in the Akutaq, or the Moose Pukuk in your Soup. It’s like becoming a Worker’s Union Member in Iron work, carpentry, electrical, list goes on.
Kudos to our young men and women who are filling jobs today. They are productive and happy, besides earning an honest keep. Thank you for serving!
Going to job corp. or college opens more doors and opportunities, guaranteed you will find joy in serving others. Only you can accomplish your full potential in life, no one else will do that for you.
We all make mistakes in life, but we don’t have to get stuck there. Move on and give yourself a gift of pure self-satisfaction, and don’t forget to thank the good Lord God for each of his blessings, embrace them and use them to help yourself and others.
Have a job? There are people behind those jobs who make them possible. I have a few people I must thank for keeping me busy the last 50 years of my life. Robert Nick – Neighborhood Youth Corp, Duane Bell and Gene Peltola – Northern Commercial/Alaska Commercial Company, Andrew Edge, Dave Moore, James Guy Croll, Henry Ivanoff, Julia Jimmie – KYUK Radio, University Center Mall, Brewsters Western Wear, JC Penny’s Warehouse, Scott Blake – YKHC, AKEELA Inc. Gastineau Human Services, Tundra Center, PATC, Jack Rose – Larry’s Club/Three and One Half Club, Joe Mendola – Wild Goose just to name a few. Quyana!