A Statement from former Calista Chairman

by Wayne Don

Calista Corporation Shareholders:
In the coming days you will see a press release endorsed by a slim majority of the Calista board of directors who initiated action to remove me as the Chairman of the Board and issue sanctions and a public censure.
The sanctions and censure allege “misconduct” and violations of the director code of ethics. I deny any wrongdoing or conduct that is anything other than professional and consistent with the director code of ethics. I have devoted my life to our great country as a soldier and on three occasions been deployed to a hazardous fire zone, the last time in 2009-2010 in Afghanistan. I have devoted myself to service, living by rules and a set of values, which guide my personal and professional conduct. Those values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. I believe in these values so much that I have been, and am willing to sacrifice my life for them and in defense of them. The suggestion that I violated the code of ethics is baseless and instead a result of a biased and flawed process driven by a slim majority of the board.
I have served my village corporation for the last 14 years, 11 as the Chairman of the Board. I spent over 20 years in uniform and in service to our country abiding by the rules and a set of values that are considered honorable. These values are consistent with what our society expects as the highest form of moral, ethical and personal conduct. These values are absent in some organizations as witnessed by the #me too movement and the very public lapses in judgment and basic respect for people demonstrated by some people in positions of power and influence across the country. Holding people accountable for these transgressions validates the values that I have laid out as what I stand for personally and professionally and what we should all expect.
Many of you have expressed a tremendous amount of support for me personally over the last couple of months. I am grateful for your continued support, prayers and encouragement to continue to serve you. As shareholders, I encourage you to demand accountability and transparency. You have my absolute guarantee that I will fight and stand up for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage regardless of the consequences.
-Wayne Don


  1. Maybe it is time we native peoples think about. Changing our Board Many have been on too long and we need new ideas. People who are able to read their board packets, direct our CEO on important issues etc. after awhile being on boards too long meaning the same one running and getting on the board are elected because they are known but now lack the expertise and educational background to run the Calista business. When you vote looks st their experiences and educational background and make sure in your mind that this person you want on the board will do their job. Thank you!

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