The freedom to choose

by Peter Twitchell

Medical professionals and science say those unvaccinated people face being hospitalized in 2022. Today they reported 277,000 Omicron Covid cases per day across the United States alone. Whatever happened to our precautions of distancing, washing our hands, sanitizing, not attending huge groups gatherings and masking and double masking?

It is uncomfortable when someone walks right up to you at the post office, the Mall, and other places of business with or without a mask. I believe we put a mask on each day to protect ourselves from the deadly virus and protect others around us. I believe we will be masking for some time to come – even a year or two after the Covid epidemic of 2020.

In the middle of the Covid epidemic I went to Bethel twice and I noticed right away people distancing and avoiding you, which tells me that they listened to their Elders who stress the importance of masking, sanitizing, washing hands, and distancing as a way to protect self and others.

People avoided me like the plague and after some thought I was OK with that.

To date we have lost millions of people around the world during the Covid epidemic of 2020. I’m glad that we all have freedom to pick and choose and to believe the dangers of the Covid virus, which can make us very sick for a very long time.

Many people brought up the myths of the Covid vaccine and none of them have proven themselves to be such.

I had to examine vaccines that I have been given since I was a child and newborn. The vaccines that I’ve had since I was a baby have kept deadly diseases from harming me. I chose to have faith in Almighty Creator God and science and medical professionals who said the Covid vaccine is fine.

Science has stated that we will coexist with viruses for as long as we live and I pray that science and medicine will always stay ahead of new viruses.