Summer heat

by Greg Lincoln

Why does it feel so hot when the temperature only reads 60˚F? It makes you do a double-take on the thermometer and you have to look really close and hard to make sure that you are reading it right. Upstairs work areas and homes can even reach up to uncomfortable levels of 80˚F or more.

The short and easy answer could be because we are not used to it.

Climate researchers say that here in Alaska the sun’s rays are at a lower angle here in this higher latitude. If you are outside doing work or walking, the angle of the sun makes the rays hit more of your body length instead of shining directly above and beating down on the top of your head.

Even guests to Alaska who are from the lower 48 states who are used to high temperatures have noticed this strange phenomenon.

Living in a cold climate has its perks. In the winter months you burn up more calories to help keep your body warm if you are out and about. And the best one is you seem to sleep better during those long dark winter nights. The kids seem to like it too.

Okay friends, I hope you are doing good during this incredible time we are experiencing. We never knew that we would be living in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. We are in this together and I hope you are keeping safe and healthy.