Possible effects of mine waste

One of the biggest negative impacts of the Donlin Creek gold mine would be Mekoryuk out on Nunivak Island since they depend on the ocean for a big majority of their subsistence resource. All the poison from the gold mine would be flushed out to the Bering Sea. I am surprised there has not been a peep from Mekoryuk as I was born and raised there.

Gilbert Keywehak

Mt. Pleasant, MI

Help each other out please

Anyways, I forgot about something when I was writing about Fishing – Sports Fishing to be exact. Oh I know – ALL OF US ALASKANS can claim to be sports fishermen. If they won’t let us do subsistence fishing, we can do Sports Fishing. We can say we gave a person gas money, or grub, or something to take us sports fishing.

Because, we are Natural Born Alaskans we should have the right to fish. Our People were subsisting on fish long before there were even so-called laws prohibiting us to fish. It is how we have survived for this long. Our Ancestors even had the resources it took to survive. Like moving about and trading with each other. They made sure they put enough fish away for themselves and their dog team.

Our society has become a lazy society. We used to be able to depend on each other. Even help building each other’s houses. Help each other with food – even if it was by exchange. Now America has made it into a greedy economy. No more: help each other out.

Shame on you people. Back in the day we didn’t expect things to be given to us – we worked for it and bought it ourselves.

Just like bullying – I would expect our People were taught to teach our children how to respect each other and to play fairly with each other. What are you guys? Cavemen? Guess you certainly can act like one.

In my book, bullying stars with one person being mistreated. They decide they either think that’s the (solution) whomever they take it out on. If they decide they don’t want to be the only one doing the bullying, they will ask/suggest that their friends join in.

If you see/know this is happening go to your principal, cop, state trooper, the parents – tell them what you saw or heard. In order to put an end to the violence it has to be addressed. These are the precious people you brought into this world. They are entrusted to you to take care of, to be shown how to do things, to show respect to other people. They TRUST you. Only you can break the cycle.

You’re supposed to show them the games you played growing up. The subsistence activities you grew up with they need to know.

I miss my boatmen. Back in the day I provided the gas and was able to go up the ocean, down the ocean, up the river, wherever I wanted. I used to get to follow my parents when they did that. I miss it.

To people going places, don’t forget to tell other people which way you’re going so they can find you faster. Enjoy your summer. Don’t forget to pick your greens.

Karen Nanouk

Unalakleet, AK

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