Nunaniq Klissmissaaq assilria-llu nutaraq allrakuq

There are issues, events, and occurrences that never have been addressed positively since the beginning of biblical, and human histories. Individuals, elected federal, local, regional, religious, and state law-makers purport to have all the answers or do not do what they were elected to do! This has gotten worse over time! Also:

•Alerquutet/laws are not followed/ignored; •Elected individuals (this also goes for the churches) won’t vote no, or yes “for fear of losing their positions”; •Clients input, observations, and suggestions obviously are ignored ad nausseum for those whose only concern is making monies, and names for themselves as I keep stating so, these individuals should not run for public service; •Clients who do not have the monetary means (as we constantly share our money) threateningly constantly taken advantage of; •Social services (federal, state, region, hospitals) and specifically ONC Elder Services, AVCP, YKHC Hospital, Rescue, churches that are allocated monetary means, etc. to help those with physical disabilities, behavioral needs. It has become obvious beyond doubt that are employed by all of the above stated get all the benefits for themselves, their families, extended relatives, and friends. And these same individuals keep telling those of us who need help that they “can’t help us”.

•Public Safety – do not provide the help they are hired, and paid to help all human beings, and when asked for info they do not have the info we need. The drug investigator even this past summer during the opioid meeting with the federal, state, regional, and local presenter stated the fentanyl is a “new drug”. Fentanyl is NOT a new drug. This drug when mixed with heroin is deadly. This also is freely given by pharmacies for pain control. In itself it is very addictive. Individuals are given their drug, who in turn sell it in the streets, or out of their homes (they do not take it themselves, unless they are doing other drugs/ETOH “to get a better high”.

I’ll leave it to your scientific analysis to figure out the criminal outcomes.

When I was in Anchorage assisted living home, the directors of these homes, employees, and other clients threatened and intimidated in giving you the drugs. “Friends” and “relatives” were no exceptions. Even lawyers offered to give their narcotic medications for pain. Now it is any wonder opioid/narcotics are thought “to be safe”. They have been robbed by employees to get their drugs, for gambling, for travel, etc. etc. ETC!

AND, there are a lot of people who will “offer” to help you stating “I like to help others”, and then ask you if you want to buy drugs, or ask you for clothes, makeup, shoes, or for large amounts of money because they “have not eaten for days”, “forgot their wallet at home”, use your phone, have your sunglasses, etc. and their lawyers will even direct them to you for the above.

Why does it seem that most people think that its abnormal to be ETOH/drug free when in fact it is not. Quyanarpiilli cakneq.

Mary C. Nanuwak

Bethel, AK

Land should be owned by tribes

If the United States as a country was required to form corporations to hold assets and title to land, there would be cries and protests across the country stating that this requirement is unconstitutional. The American people would not stand for this principle since corporations go bankrupt and go out of existence in a matter of time and that they, the American people, have been cheated and wheezled out of their legal citizenship rights.

So why does the U. S. Congress do an injustice to the Alaska’s Native people by the requirement of corporations to hold ownership to assets and lands which rightfully should be held by the sovereign tribes?

The U. S. Congress intended for the assets and lands to revert back to non-Native ownership and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is just another means and method of cheating the Native American people out of their lands and assets.

This intentional felonious law has to be corrected and it is the Alaskan Native tribes who have to initiate the action to make the correction.

Gilbert Keywehak

Mount Pleasant MI

School Choice Matters for Alaska Families

In our country, we love to customize, whether it’s a new addition to the house or the colors and fonts surrounding our text messages. We choose everything, from our line of work to our preferred place to grab lunch (where we probably customize our lunch order). So it’s easy to understand why parents want more choices in their children’s education.

Parents understand that education options open doors for their children. Every child is unique, with distinct interests and learning styles. Moms and dads know that a school that might work for one student might not be a good fit for another. They know their child best and should be empowered to select the right school.

In many states, Alaska included, lawmakers have taken action to provide a more diverse variety of school choices for families. 

From January 22-28, millions of Americans will raise awareness about the importance of school choice at an unprecedented 21,000 events – including about 50 events in Alaska. These events are planned to coincide with National School Choice Week, the largest celebration of opportunity in education in U.S. history.

For families in the Last Frontier, National School Choice Week provides a good opportunity to review the different types of education options available to their children.

Alaskans can choose traditional public schools for their kids, and the state allows parents, with some limitations, the freedom to choose traditional public schools outside of their existing school zones. This process is called open enrollment, or public school choice.

Alaska also allows public charter schools, which are tuition-free public schools that are given the freedom to be more innovative. Magnet schools, which focus on themes such as math, science, technology, and the performing arts, also exist.

In addition, the Last Frontier is one of 41 states with a tuition-free online academy, allowing students to go to school entirely online.

Of course, parents in Alaska can also pay to send their children to private schools.

Finally, parents have the freedom to educate their children in the home – and more parents are homeschooling their children than ever before.

Seventy percent of Americans support school choice, and January is the time to exercise the choices available to Alaska families.

Parents who would like to explore their options, whether or not they’re happy with their children’s schools, should consider exploring in January. National School Choice Week is a great opportunity to visit schools, ask lots of questions of teachers and administrators, and talk with other parents to see which educational options are likely to be the best fit for their kids.

Parents who begin the school choice process in January instead of waiting till summer break will have more options available to them. Depending on which options seem best, parents may need to meet deadlines for applications or scholarships, or they may want to enroll before a school starts a waiting list.

Why is this process important?

In addition to ensuring greater peace of mind, research has demonstrated that when parents actively choose the schools their children attend, or choose to educate their children in the home, high school graduation rates increase dramatically.

A student with a high school diploma will, over the course of his or her life, earn more than a quarter million dollars more than a student who has dropped out. High school graduates are far less likely to be incarcerated, and are six times more likely to participate in community and civic affairs, than individuals without high school diplomas.

Most importantly, though: school choice matters because every child in America has potential. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and when parents are empowered to customize their children’s education, just as they choose so many other things in their day-to-day lives, great things happen for kids, and for our country.

Andrew R. Campanella, President

National School Choice Week