New and exciting possibilities

by Peter Twitchell

If we don’t keep up with today’s technology we sadly get left behind. Life has become easier because of satellites, microchips, fiber optics, cell phones, and the internet. Telemedicine is wonderful and we don’t have to always travel long distances to get diagnosed and evaluated.

For 20 years I avoided the internet. As far as it was concerned, it was for my children, grandchildren, and great grands to use and excel in a modern world that was shrinking.

I say that because the world is in our living rooms and dens. We got the whole world in our hands.

I got an iPhone 5 twenty years ago and I set it on the shelf and it sat there silent another three years. After accepting the idea of putting my phone in my pocket and traveling thousands of miles I liked the convenience of putting my cell on and dialing my family in and talking to them from distant lands.

I was no longer using 1970s technology. I was forced to join the new world whether I liked it or not. When I was away from home it became more and more difficult to find and use a phone booth!

I joined and got on board with a new generation of new and exciting possibilities. My friend and bandmate from the early 70s Mutt Jung,  after 2 years I took his advice and joined into Facebook.

I didn’t know what I was doing, navigating through social media was next to impossible. It reminded me of sitting up front of an airplane next to the pilot and not know what to do.

FB was like being in turbulence, being bounced around, tapping unfamiliar controls just to see what they did.

What I like about cell phones is I can ask into the phone, “What is the current temperature in St. Mary’s, Idaho?” or “I want to hear Charlie Pride’s ‘I don’t know why I love you but I do’.”

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