Nelson Island runners XC race results

Jr. High runners begin their race at the Blackberry Fun Run in Toksook Bay over Labor Day weekend. photos by Jimmie Lincoln

Cross Country teams from Toksook Bay and Nightmute Schools are in full cross country mode this fall. Nelson Island School hosted the Blackberry Fun Run during Labor Day weekend. The following week Nightmute hosted their race.

In both races, Ray Jackson of Nightmute and Rosemary Henry of Toksook Bay took first for the varsity.

“None of this would have happened without 24 volunteers, my assistant coach, Jessica Carpenter, our Tribal Council, led by Robert Pitka, the community, and the school’s administration, Michael Robbins and Donnie Browning,” said NIHS Coach Caitlyn Tully of the Blackberry race. Below are the complete results.

Next week there will be a virtual race with 4 teams competing: Toksook Bay, Nightmute, Aleknagik, Chefornak, and pending are Mekoryuk and Mertarvik.

Toksook Bay Blackberry XC Race Results

Jr. High Girls:

1st place-Kennythia Henry, 21:53

2nd place-Gillian Alirkar, 22:39

3rd place-Rosie Carl, 25:17

Jr. High Boys:

1st place-Mick Chakuchin, 16:48

2nd place-Zachary Angaiak, 16:57

3rd place-Gordon Pitka, 19:29

Varsity Girls:

1st place-Rosemary Henry, 31:25

2nd place-Jasmine Simons, 32:41

3rd place- Panik Chimiugak, 33:04

4th place- Benita Charlie, 33:10

5th place-Irene Chakuchin, 33:12

Varisty Boys:

1st place-Ray Jackson, 32:41

Honorable Mentions of the day:

Levi Dull, Charlotte Patrick, and Margie Kilongak


Nightmute XC Race Results

Jr. High Girls:

1st Kennythia Henry- 32:08 (OOK)

2nd Audrey Lincoln- 33:58 (OOK)

3rd Gillian Alirkar -34:26 (OOK)

4th Rosie Carl – 35:07 (OOK)

Jr. High Boys:

1st Zachary Angaiak-25:32 (OOK)

2nd Gordon Pitka-26:17 (OOK)

3rd Mick Chakuchin- 26:50 (OOK)

4th Nathan Matthias-30:58 (NME)

5th Louis Post and Ezra Matthias- 37:52 (NME)

6th Richard Anthony- 38:02 (NME)

7th Levi Dull- 38:03 (NME)

Varsity Girls:

1st Rosemary Henry- 27:00 (OOK)

2nd Panik Chimiugak- 27:20 (OOK)

3rd Benita Charlie- 27:22 (OOK)

4th Jasmine Simons- 28:57 (OOK)

5th Irene Chakuchin- 29:17 (OOK)

Varsity Boys:

1st Ray Jackson-25:04 (NME)

Coaches, email your XC race results and photos to [email protected] right after your race before the weekend is over!