Let’s be a blessing to others

by Peter Twitchell

After ten months hunkered down because of the coronavirus, I see the world through a different lens. Life is precious.

I thank Creator God each morning that I am awake, what a blessing from Him who gave me life and wakes me up from a deep sleep each morning. Thank you Creator God! And each night asking for His Protection from the COVID-19 virus.

In the past week there were over twelve million cases total of coronavirus in our great country of America to date! Praying that 2021 will be a year of prosperity and progress in moving forward in our lives. Let’s be more mindful of each other this day forward.

Thanks to people who dedicated their lives to science that we may have a vaccine to combat the COVID-19 virus.

I want to live life a little different this day forward with thankfulness, more kindness, gratefulness, appreciation, and being mindful of the needs of others. I have always asked Creator “to be a blessing to someone that day,” and every day. He has filled that request.

Be safe, distance, wear masks, sanitize, and wash hands – can’t stress that enough. Thank you.