Learn from your past

by Peter Twitchell

We were taught in psychology not to live in our past, but to leave it and move forward! But research is finding that we can examine our past and be empowered and prouder!

For example, we can put ourselves down for not being frugal with our money when we were younger. Regretting your past can be harmful, beating yourself up with feelings of remorse, stupidity, not being passionate about saving it, and helping your family advance to a better future.

I have a girlfriend who confided in me about making the future better by saving what money is left over after paying her bills and living expenses, and saving that little bit of money left over and let it grow.

This is a healthy attitude, but the rest of us with holes in our pockets who couldn’t or wouldn’t save money spent it “like it was growing on trees”.

We can reverse our feelings of regrets or negative thoughts of ourselves as “losers”. We can redeem ourselves by, like my friend, managing our money wisely. It’s never too late.

We can still learn from our past and advance forward on more stable financial foundation. This positive thinking of ourselves will make us healthier and productive.

So, a word for our youngsters in conclusion… save your money. There is no rush to spend it now, let it grow and buy yourself a house, or a boat and motor, truck, or better yet get a good education. Challenge yourself to advance to higher learning, and if you love to fly buy yourself an airplane.

It takes money to take care of your family.