Larson of Napaskiak wins Feb 50 Sled Dog Race

Jackie Larson, the February 50 Sled Dog Race champion pets his dogs after their race this past Sunday.

by Delta Discovery Staff

The February 50 has a new champion, Jackie Larson of Napaskiak. Larson crossed the finish line on the Kuskokwim River in front of Bethel with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes – two minutes faster than the team in second position.

Coming in the runner up spot was Akiak’s Mike Williams Jr. who was 2 minutes behind Larson.

The February 50, which is sponsored by the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee, went up Straight Slough, then followed the K300 trail route up a few miles past Akiachak and then back to Bethel.

Overall, seventeen teams participated in the race.

There were a few nailbiter finishes. Greg Larson of Napaskiak pulled into the finish line two seconds ahead of Kurtis George of Akiachak. They came in 3rd and 4th.

Eight and ninth place were also close. Ryan Jackson of Akiak had a time of 3:44:05, only 28 seconds ahead of Joe Demantle Jr. of Tuluksak.

And only a minute separated Herman Phillip and Solomon Olick, both of Kwethluk. They completed the race in 10th and 11th positions.

The race grounds were festive, with team supporters having a great time on the river. Families came to watch their mushers race, handlers were busy helping get things done, and the dogs were raring to go with the mass start of the race at 1pm.

It was a nice day for mushing, the temperature was in the negative teen digits. The race, originally scheduled for Saturday, February 8th, was reschedule to Sunday due to the stormy weather forecast.

Twyla Elhardt of Bethel won the Red Lantern Award, it was her first dog race. She finished with a time of 4 hours 51 minutes.

February 50 Race Results

Place/Musher Home Elapsed Time

1 Jackie Larson Napaskiak 3:27

2 Mike Williams Jr. Akiak 3:29

3 Greg Larson Napaskiak 3:36:49

4 Kurtis George Akiachak 3:36:51

5 Maurice Andrews Bethel 3:39

6 Lewis Pavilla Kwethluk 3:41

7 Matt Scott Bethel 3:43

8 Ryan Jackson Akiak 3:44:05

9 Joe Demantle Jr. Tuluksak 3:44:33

10 Herman Phillip Kwethluk 3:58

11 Solomon Olick Kwethluk 3:59

12 Carl Andrew Kwethluk 4:03

13 Isaac Underwood Aniak 4:05

14 Tory Fitzpatrick Akiachak 4:08

15 Nathan Underwood Aniak 4:21

16 Victoria Hardwick Bethel 4:49

17 Twyla Elhardt Bethel 4:51