Kids and Rookies Fun Run

Conor Andrews, age 11, of Bethel is the winner of the 2021 Kids Dog Race that took place in Bethel last Saturday. The race was sponsored by the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee. Conor mushed his 5-dog team from his family’s Glare Ice Kennel. The race started at the Charles Family Lake and went up the Atmautluak Trail and back. The Rookie Race also took place the same time as the Kids. See page 3 for more.

by Greg Lincoln

Seven teams of kids and rookies (who have never mushed a sled dog team before) got a chance to race this past Saturday, April 10th. The K300 Race Committee hosted the event, which took place at Charles Family Lake at the beginning of the Atmautluak Trail.

The route was approximately 4-5 miles up the trail and back.

Coming in first and second were the grandkids of John and Mary Simon mushing their teams from their family’s Glare Ice Kennel of Bethel. In first was Conor Andrews and in second was Angela. They are both eleven years old. Also mushing from Napaskiak was Chance Riley-Alexie. He mushed his own team of three dogs.

Rookie racers had a blast, some were in costume. All participants received prizes. Thank you to the K300 Race Committee for hosting this event. Congratulations to the mushers!

We had a great winter for dog mushing which brightened up our covid-weary mood. It was great to get out on the river and to see folks enjoying the races. Thanks everyone.

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