Internet services for School Districts

by Senator Lyman Hoffman


Today (March 8th, 2019) marks the 53rd day of session. This week on Wednesday, Senate Finance heard from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development Research Chief, Dan Robinson on historical job trends and population changes in Alaska. The numbers shed more light on what it means to be in a recession. Where in Alaska is feeling the effects of a recession hardest, and how the State of Alaska fairs verse other resource developing states.

The Finance Committee heard a presentation on Wednesday and Thursday from Chief Economist Ed King, Revenue Commissioner Tangeman, and OMB Director Donna Arduin on the economic overview of the Governors proposed Operating Budget. Dialogue around the committee table seemed to stall at certain points over options the administration and the senate finance members can agree on, to lessen the immediate impact on communities and citizens over a longer period; to get to the same balanced budget result.

Community and Regional Affairs met this week on Tuesday to discuss former Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s Appointment to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. His name was forwarded to a Joint Committee on a future date for confirmation.

In other news around the capital, the newly formed House Tribal Affairs Committee met for the first time on Thursday. The Committee chair Representative Zulkosky and Vice Chair Edgmon, both representatives within District S, head that Committee. Andrea Akalleq Sanders from First Alaskans Institute, and Tribal Member of the Native Village of Kwinhagak presented an overview on Alaska Native Governance within Alaska. The presentation was meant to enhance knowledge and help decision makers strengthen relations with Alaska Native communities. It’s important to know where you came from, in order to know where you’re going.

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SB 74: An Act relating to funding for Internet services for school districts

This week I introduced SB 74 which proposes to increase the minimum broadband requirement for school districts from 10 megabits per second (Mbps) to 25 Mbps.  Districts that qualify for discounted rate for internet services under the Federal Universal Services Program are eligible.  This legislation will help to bring improved broadband services to rural Alaska and help improve services and infrastructure for schools across the state.

PFD Applications Deadline to file: 3/31/19.

Deadline to file: 3/31/19.