In memoriae

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Dear friends, today marks exactly one year to the day, the day our precious daughter, our beautiful, loving, kind, adventurous child ceased to walk upon this earth as you and I are doing. She was and is so many things to us and to so many others. The lives she’s influenced are countless, the friends she’s made, the way she treats every soul with a kindness only reserved for angels. A whole year has passed, we have made it through the first year, we have survived.

Many days and nights we have suffered. As her parents, this suffering comes from not wanting her to feel any pain, not wanting her to be hurt in any way, not wanting her to feel afraid, wishing we could take away all her fears, wishing she could be safe in our arms. That is what we wish for all of our children and that is what our parents wished for us going back through all of time. We miss her so much, our grief is too much to bear.

If you have children hold on to them tightly, pray for them.

Folks have asked us if we are going to do a memorial. We have preparing some photos and very special footage of her to share with you and we would like to spend some time at her resting place like we always do. That will be our memorial.

We have kept her close in our hearts. In our deep thoughts she is there with us. She is in the air we breathe, in the prayers that come forth from our lips, and her name is forevermore in our daily conversations. Every day that we have walked without her we have envisioned how it will be like when we see her again.

Every day has been a memorial to her. Every day is one day closer to when we will see her again. Can you imagine that?

Her friends have said that there is no one like her. There is one person that she is most like and that is Kelly. They love the same incredible things, they enjoy stuff that only they understand why they like it so much, they feel on the same unfathomable wavelength. If you have ever been lucky enough to behold her smile, you will have seen the most sweetest of them all.

To lose someone you love so much changes you. You will find yourself on deep dark journeys within the depths of your mind, thinking things that you never thought you’d think. Time, even as much time as a year, has deepened our grief. Grieflove, that is what it is.

And you, friends, have been there for us throughout this past year. Your constant longsuffering, your concern and care, when you take the time to chat and talk, that has been part of the foundation of our healing. Yes, we can say that we are healing, we have accomplished so much. To not say so would be to turn our backs on all the efforts, prayers, and energy you have expended on our behalf. Thank you, thank you a million times!

Please continue to walk with us as we begin another year and let not the memories fade of our beloved departed ones, quyana.

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  1. I was so touched by your memories. I lost a son in March and you describe so well the agony of losing a child. Your words comforted me. Thank you.

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