Hooper Bay Invitational XC Race Results

The Hooper Bay Warriors hosted their cross country invitational race even on September 14th, 2019. Participating teams included Chevak, Hooper Bay, and Scammon Bay. There were races for 4th-6th grade, middle school, and high school divisions. Below are the race results.

4th-6th Grade Girls

1st place- Jeanne Titus 11:56 Scammon Bay

2nd place- Erica Aguchak 12:00 Hooper Bay

3rd Place- Lindsey Smith 12:33 Hooper Bay

4th -Ariana Bell 13:26 Hooper Bay

4th-6th Grade Boys

1st place-Layton Green 10:26 Chevak

2nd place- Payton Nanuk 10:36 Hooper Bay

3rd Place- Jalen Lake 10:53 Hooper Bay

4th -Kai Olson 11:38 Hooper Bay

5th- Christian Chandler 12:11 Scammon Bay

6th- Apa’taaq Simon 12:36 Hooper Bay

Middle School Girls Results

1st place- Mariah Nash 10:41 Chevak

2nd place- Helena Slats 11:02 Chevak

3rd Place- Abigail Tunutmoak 11:09 Chevak

4th Place-Ernie Joe-11:26 Hooper Bay

5th place-Angela Ayuluk 11:45 Chevak

6th Place Ariana Tall-Lake 12:41 Hooper Bay

Middle School Boys Results

1st place-Latrell Lake 9:07 Hooper Bay

2nd place- Ace Hill 9:12 Chevak

3rd Pace- Caden Joe 9:32 Hooper Bay

4th Place- Franz Fermoyle 9:33 Chevak

5th Place-Mekhi Bell 9:35 Hooper Bay

6th place-Liam Green 10:01 Chevak

High School Girls Results

1st-Shayauna Bukowski 22:04 Chevak

2nd-Michelle Atcherian 22:05 Chevak

3rd -Mary Long 24:11 Hooper Bay

4th-Rose Lake 24:19 Hooper Bay

5th-Joanita Bell27:25 Hooper Bay

6th-Savannah Smart 29:57 Chevak

High School Boys Results

1st Place-Isaac Titus 16:34 Scammon Bay

2nd place- Jesse Nanuk 19:46 Hooper Bay

3rd Place- Avron Atchak 19:95 Chevak

4th Place- Shaquille Joe 20:17 Hooper Bay

5th Place- Billy Tinker 20:30 Hooper Bay

6th Place- Awesome Ulroan 20:32 Chevak