Encourage your children to continue their education

by Peter Twitchell

This morning’s news announced American wanted to bring students back to school to continue their education and I thought, 16 year olds are getting their COVID vaccinations now and our kids are not fully protected. Why rush to put them back in school? I thought it was reckless!

But later in the day my thoughts were reborn.

What’s good about schools? It’s a symbol of the world’s COVID recovery and comeback through our kids and their education. The kids are here and make schools function at full capacity. Where COVID stopped the world from turning our children are our hope for a brighter future.

Our children are grown and going into the medical field, dentistry, nursing, medical practitioners, law profession, pilots, mining, education, private business, carpentry, electricians, technical fields: i.e. computers, telecommunications, military – you name it.

Sky’s the limit: entertainment profession, music, professional sports, fishing industry, political science, and the list goes on.

Thank goodness our kids don’t feel limited in what they can do and can embrace our economy and work on getting their degrees.

Encourage your children toward becoming our next leaders. We’re going to need bright minds in the years ahead to make our world a better place to live in.

Our children will have abundant life with good jobs here. Our joy is in our hearts for our kids and no one can steal or take that joy from us!

We need to move our children forward so that they can have a life to give God all the glory for the goodness He showers on us and not the flesh of this earth.

My hats off to all and especially single moms who work hard to guide their children in the right direction in life. I was 15 when my Dad died in an accident and Mom with her 8th grade education always encouraged me toward higher education and I got my AA degree.