COVID-19 Virus

by Peter Twitchell

I’m addressing all the young men and women. COVID-19 virus is not a laughing matter. I know what you’re doing when you get a bottle of whiskey. You sit there drinking out of the bottle, laughing and joking around, passing the jug around and everyone taking a swig out of that bottle.

Guess what? One of your group, if they have a virus, will pass it to you and you’ll go home back to your village and infect innocent people – maybe kids, elders, everyone is vulnerable. Which means the virus can infect our body, our brain, lungs, heart – vital organs that keep us alive.

The other day on the national news they reported approximately 179,000 people in the USA alone have died from COVID-19 virus! Wake up from a drunken stupor or a drug high and get serious for once.

In Alaska, at last count there are about 30,000 Yup’ik Eskimos of which I am one. We are all vulnerable.

So let’s decide now that we’re not going to go to hub city’s party and go home. Let’s stay put at our home village and not spread this virus.

Pray for one another and lift one another. We cannot afford to lose another family member to COVID-19. The virus doesn’t care who dies, but you should.