Charlotte Jascinta Yuulliir Phillip

Nov. 7, 1935 – Dec. 9, 2020

Charlotte Jascinta Yuulliir Phillip, 85, lovingly known to her younger siblings, cousins, and sibling-in-laws as Al’aq, meaning eldest sister in Yup’ik, lived at Alakanuk, AK and passed away at ANMC hospital, Anchorage, AK on December 9, 2020 from cardiac arrest.

She was born on November 7, 1935 at Paimute, AK to Eugenia Canaar Westlock, and Billy Akagalria Lee. Together they had her, two younger brothers and a younger sister. She recalled a memory of her childhood when her late uncle Francis Lee would come by to visit. He would give her a piggyback ride which she loved! When her dad passed away, they moved to Nunaqerraaq, AK. There her mom remarried Willie Uuqaqulria Augustine, adding to her family six more siblings.

Charlotte’s first marriage was arranged to Louis Immamak at Nunaqerraaq. Together they had nine children. They lived in Uksuqalleq, AK where Louis was a store manager. They later moved to Emmonak, AK where they raised their children. After Louis passed away, she remarried Henry Phillip and adopted Henry’s grandson. Henry had four children from a previous marriage to Angela Sugar.

Charlotte’s homemaking skills saw her family’s survival by making piluuguks and atkuks (fur boots and parkas) throughout their lives. Her crafts included making native craft dolls, which she learned from watching her grandmother. One of her favorite memories was when she was a child, she watched her grandmother make a doll out of scraps of fur. When she was done with it and to her amazement, her grandmother handed it to her saying it was hers!

Charlotte is survived by her husband Henry. And by her children from her first husband, Louis: Eileen, Herman, Bruce, Florence, Frederick, and Josephine including their spouses and her grandchildren. And by her dear grandchildren Vernon and Rachel. She loved them so dearly as her own after their own mom Thelma passed away too soon. From her second husband Henry, her stepchildren: Zita, John, Henrietta, Priscilla and adopted son Richard, their spouses, and their children. She is also survived by her siblings: Agnes, Joe, Leonard, Charlie, Emily, Mary, Albina and adopted brother Victor, including their spouses and their children.

She is preceded in death by her dad Billy, her mom Eugenia and stepdad Willie, her first husband Louis Immamak, two unnamed brothers, her children Mary, Thelma, Victor (who she adopted out to her mom before he passed) and her beloved granddaughter Terri. And a week before her own passing, her first cousin Sophie Lee also passed away.

Thank you to the ANMC ICU staff who took very good care of her, even holding her hands as she was passing away because her family could not be there at all during her entire stay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our prayers have been answered from the night before, thank you Lord God Almighty! Thank you also to the Witzleben Funeral Home, Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association, Emmonak Corporation, Calista Corporation, all her family and friends who helped with the cost of funeral, transportation to her hometown of Emmonak. Thank you to all who helped with burial including those who made the cross and crate to bury her body, Louie Immamak, Herman Hootch, and others. And the prayers and comfort we receive for our loss. Heartfelt thank you!

Mother, you were just a girl, so many years ago.

You had your loves and had your dreams, you watched us come and go.

You watched us make the same mistakes, that you had made before,

But that just made you hold us tight, and love us all the more.

We haven’t always thought about the things that you have seen.

To us you’ve just been ‘Mother’, no thought of who you’ve been.

But we remember now in love, your life from start to end,

And we’re just glad we knew you, as Mother, and as Friend.

Kind-hearted mom.

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