Bethel Wrestling Invitational at the WarriorDome

Fourteen out of town wrestling squads came to Bethel to compete in the Bethel Wrestling Invitational for high school boys and girls last weekend at the WarriorDome. Alakanuk, Emmonak, Chevak, Hooper Bay, Lathrop (Fairbanks), Mountain Village, Napaskiak, New Halen, Quinhagak, Scammon Bay, South Anchorage, St. Mary’s, Tuntutuliak, and Unalaska joined the Bethel Warriors on the mats for some great wrestling competition.

The top two teams for the girls division were the Bethel Warriors (1st), and the Scammon Bay Eagles (2nd). For the boys, the South Anchorage Wolverines took 1st Place. The 2nd Place team were the Lathrop Malemutes.

The coaches voted for the Outstanding Male and Female High School Wrestlers of the tournament. The Outstanding Female Wrestler for 103 lbs. – 145 lbs. was Kilee Fratis of the Emmonak Huskies who wrestled in the 119 lb. bracket. The Outstanding Female Wrestler for 160 lbs. – 235 lbs. was Shyanne Kopanuk of the Scammon Bay Eagles. She wrestled in the 235 lb. weight class.

For the boys, the Outstanding Male Wrestler for 103 lbs. – 145 lbs. was Landon Smith of the Bethel Warriors. Smith wrestled in the 119 lb. weight division. The Outstanding Male Wrestler for 152 lbs. – 285 lbs. was Noah Curtis of the Lathrop Malemutes. He wrestled at 285 lbs.

Up next for the Warrior Wrestlers will be the Lancer Smith Memorial Tournament next weekend held at the Curtis Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla.

Bethel Wrestling Invitational Tournament Results

November 12-13, 2021

High School Girls – 103G

1st Emilie Madson, BRHS

2nd Ashley Tinker, St. Mary`s

3rd Emma Friendly, Tuntutuliak

4th Hayden Naneng, BRHS

High School Girls – 112G

1st Michelle Atcherian, Chevak

2nd Cadence Cedars, BRHS

3rd Chayland Pleasant, Quinhagak

4th Ariana Tall-lake, Hooper Bay

High School Girls – 119G

1st Kilee Fratis, Emmonak

2nd Flora Nanuk, Scammon Bay

3rd Jordan Klejka, BRHS

4th Michele Andrews, St. Mary`s

High School Girls – 125G

1st Fiona Phelan, BRHS

2nd Briella Herron, BRHS

3rd April Uttereyuk, Scammon Bay

4th Lilyauna Simon, Scammon Bay

High School Girls – 130G

1st Shadie Charlie, Scammon Bay

2nd Henrietta Kelly, St. Mary`s

3rd Mildred Tinker, St. Mary`s

4th Diamond Kinegak, St. Mary`s

High School Girls – 145G

1st Katherine Small, BRHS

2nd Sandra Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

3rd Hilary Larson, Napaskiak

4th Payton Boney, BRHS

High School Girls – 160G

1st Kirsten Henning, Unalaska

2nd Jacelyn Chikigak, Alakanuk

3rd Lynn Fayram, Unalaska

4th Kaylee Simon, Scammon Bay

High School Girls – 235G

1st Shyanne Kopanuk, Scammon Bay

2nd Seeya Rivers, Scammon Bay

3rd Chandra Stone, Tuntutuliak

4th Tawny Redfox, Emmonak

High School Boys – 103

1st Ian Werner, Lathrop

2nd Alvino Vasquez, BRHS

3rd Liam Phelan, BRHS

4th Brendon Brown, Quinhagak

High School Boys – 112

1st Seth Jacob, Napaskiak

2nd Sheldon Smith, BRHS

3rd Israel Valadez, S Anch

4th Ayagarak Bill, Mountain Village

High School Boys – 119

1st Landon Smith, BRHS

2nd Riley Williams, Lathrop

3rd Anan Siackhasone, S Anch

4th Marshal Nicholai, Napaskiak

High School Boys – 125

1st Elijiah Patzke, S Anch

2nd Paul Dyment, BRHS

3rd Kaden Tangiegak, Chevak

High School Boys – 130

1st Dylan Shaw, S Anch

2nd Kawaiola Patterson, Lathrop

3rd Karsten Hymas, S Anch

4th Aaron Mute, BRHS

High School Boys – 135

1st Aaron Concepcion, S Anch

2nd Blake Foster, S Anch

3rd Cassius Sundown, Scammon Bay

4th Shawn McIntyre, BRHS

High School Boys – 140

1st Colton Parduhn, Lathrop

2nd Samuel Chaput, S Anch

3rd Kyle Patterson, S Anch

4th Nafre Bagongon, Emmonak

High School Boys – 145

1st Aaron Johnson, Lathrop

2nd Beau Daily, S Anch

3rd Charles Smith, BRHS

4th John Pingayak, Chevak

High School Boys – 152

1st Chad Hakala, S Anch

2nd Jacob Johnson, Lathrop

3rd Roth Powers, S Anch

4th Ellis Johnson, BRHS

5th Albert Yunak, Scammon Bay

High School Boys – 160

1st Cael Platt, Lathrop

2nd Edgar Guevara, S Anch

3rd Adrian Kopanuk, Scammon Bay

4th Greg Larson, Napaskiak

High School Boys – 171

1st Tristan Schilke, S Anch

2nd David Beans, St. Mary`s

3rd Tyler Clooten, Lathrop

4th Antwon Buster, Kotlik

High School Boys – 189

1st James Shivers, S Anch

2nd Hayden Martin, S Anch

3rd Thomas Smith, Hooper Bay

High School Boys – 215

1st Britten Hamilton, S Anch

2nd Matheas Lopez, Unalaska

3rd Jeffery Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

4th Landon Burke, BRHS

5th Ian Anelon, Newhalen

High School Boys – 285

1st Noah Curtis, Lathrop

2nd Mason Hardesty, S Anch

3rd Hunter Manderson, S Anch

4th Ethan Alstrom, St. Mary`s

Team Results

1) South Anchorage High School, 214.5; 2) Bethel High School, 192.0; 3) Lathrop Wrestling, 170.0; 4) Scammon Bay High School, 124.0; 5) Napaskiak, 54.0; 6) St. Mary`s, 51.0; 7) Chevak, 43.0; 8) Emmonak, 33.0; 9) Unalaska, 32.0; 10) Quinhagak, 25.0; 11) Tuntutuliak, 17.0; 12) Hooper Bay, 15.0; 13) Alakanuk, 14.0; 14) Kotlik, 14.0; 15) Mountain Village, 10.5; 16) Aniak, 6.0; 17) Newhalen, 4.0