Believing and hope go together

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Friends, is there wisdom in grieving? Yes, it is your natural response when you lose someone that is meaningful, significant, and your whole life is intertwined with them that you love so much. The tears that you cry when you are alone at night in your room do not fall unnoticed. Your secret heartache and anguish are not in vain. It is part of what we must go through, what each of us must face and endure as we continue on. Each tear, each droplet, is gathered by our Maker, he knows.
And time. Does it really do anything? For us it has deepened our sorrow. The days still pass without her, but her memory and everything about her still lives on in our hearts. The gutwrenching weakness still lies fresh in our minds, yet our daughter would not want us to be remiss in taking advantage of all life has to offer. The battle is within. It is a battle that we fight each day where we struggle to maintain a delicate balance of managing our grief while still trying moving forward, to do our work, to take care of what needs taking care of, and on and on.
This grief is like a bottomless pit, nothing can fill it. It can swallow up what little joy we have, if we let it. Some say to say a prayer and let everything go – what does that even mean? Does it mean to be happy? If yes, then we have been and are still working on that. We will continue to pray. Even if it hurts, and the part that hurts is the neverending longing and the pain that comes with tragedy, we will always think of her. Don’t we all do this? We will always talk about her, we will always say her name, we will always remember every little single thing that she did that is in our memory and we will keep on grieving. Letting go does not mean to forget why we grieve.
Did you know that all this grief that we are suffering does not compare to the joy that we will soon have? It is so mindboggling to us but it gives and brings hope. Believing and hope go together and that brings relief to our painlogged minds.
Our daughter’s puppy, now a big dog, is doing great. Have you ever heard that story about a sad dog owner pouting and moping around, being down in the dumps? And then here comes the dog and he makes his owner forget what they were sad about? It is like that with him. Endless, unwavering, boundless, unconditional love that covers a multitude of sorrows. What a great thing it is, thank you. What would we do if he wasn’t part of our lives?
Tomorrow is another day. I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for your loving thoughts and prayers for our family. Kelly says thank you for the generous gifts of salmon that she loves so much. Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten, quyana!