Plane buzzes Hairy Man people running over ice

Illustration by AI

by Delta Discovery staff

In May of 2012, a plane took off from Bethel and headed upriver, following the Kuskokwim River. The river was breaking up and the snow had pretty much melted, but many big lakes were still frozen over.
For the two people in the plane, the flight seemed to be much like any routine flight. However, just as they passed Tuluksak, the passenger saw something on his side of the plane. He saw two upright but dark creatures running like people on a large, frozen lake.
“Hey, look at those things over there,” the passenger said to the pilot, pointing toward the lake. According to the passenger, the two upright creatures – one large and one small – were running on top of the pure white ice. They were dark-colored and appeared to be fleeing because of the plane.
The pilot looked but couldn’t see what the passenger was pointing at. He turned the plane at an angle and but only saw one figure that looked like it was holding something on its chest, like how we carry a box, and running.
“At that point they were running side-by-side,” the passenger said. The pair appeared to be a parent and an offspring. The creatures may have been running for the shoreline and the safety of the forest.
“They were running really fast,” the passenger said. The pilot then turned the plane toward the running creatures and just as they buzzed or flew over them, the animals jumped into the ring of melt water around the lake.
According to the passenger, the large one jumped in first, followed by the smaller one. “They caused a large wake or ring of water to spread out on top of the water,” he said.
The plane circled back and flew around the lake for a time, waiting for the creatures to emerge but they did not, so the pilot turned the plane upriver and kept on going.
The witnesses requested anonymity in this story.