1. Thank you for sharing this detail about the projects. These projects are beautiful gifts being carried forward! Thank goodness for this opportunity to save centuries, over all, in many ways, at such a critical time. Each one of us, outside the villages and even outside Alaska — wherever we are in the world, our world is made rich by these human lives and their stories, as we are all connections and give life into the life of the world. It’s going to be great to see, to read these stories and messages from the past to the future. I can’t wait!

  2. Thank you for sharing this detailed information about the projects. They are going to be a great gift to carry forward this important heritage. Wisdom needs to be carried forward not only for these communities, but as wisdom for the healing and life of the whole wide world. Even beyond Alaska, far out into the wide world, we need your stories and your language, culture, and traditions to make the world richer!

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