Azachorok Inc. calls for Shareholder Vote for Donlin Gold Mine

According to the President and Chairman of Azachorok Inc. Loren Peterson, the Azachorok Inc. Board of Directors passed Resolution 2019-18 calling for a shareholder vote for the Donlin Gold Mine. Below is the resolution.

WHEREAS, Azachorok Inc. is an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Village Corporation established in 1973 and is incorporated with the State of Alaska with subsidiaries in Alaska and California; and

WHEREAS, recent news releases published articles of Alaska Village Council of Presidents recently and overwhelmingly voted to withdraw a 2006 resolution supporting the mine, and then voted to pass a separate resolution that opposes it, and

WHEREAS, thousands of shareholders have been vocal about their stance on this issue as it may contradict longstanding Yup’ik values of responsible land and resource stewardship, and

WHEREAS, while there may be decades of revenue for Calista and village corporations, it the issue of development remains controversial as development may benefit tribes in some regions and negatively impact the subsistence lifestyle in areas in close proximity to the mine, and

WHEREAS, such controversial issues should be resolved in a democratic fashion that allows the shareholders of Calista to vote on the issue of the Donlin Creek development, and

NOW THEREFORE, Azachorok respectfully requests the Calista Board of Directors to allow shareholders to have a say in the in the issue by way of an advisory vote; and

BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED, Calista Corporation inserts a ballot question at the next Annual Meeting in July 2020 asking shareholders if they approve or oppose the development.

Azachorok Inc. is headquartered in Mountain Village, Alaska.