Antonia “Toni” Daria Evan

Jan. 7, 1985 – June 20, 2019

Antonia “Toni” was born on January 7, 1985 to Andrew John Evan and Olga Sarah Evan. She resided in Lower Kalskag and Anchorage, Alaska with her sisters Naomi Magdalene Evan, Charissa Paula, and Kimberly Ann. Her brother is Isaac Crimet Evan; partner Shaun M. Moore.

Toni had three beautiful girls: Ariana Andi, Anesia Doris Nellie, and Gabriella Aurora. Nieces: Angela Karen, Sadie, Rachel, Julissa, Jasmine, Maria, Rose, Abby, Sheryl, Lillian, and Malia. Nephews: Jaden, Alec, Jett, Baby Micky, Tyson, and Kaizer.

Toni always loved teasing and making everyone around her laugh and smile. She was always in a good mood, brighten everyone’s day. She always wanted to tell stories to talk abou the best memories she had with everyone.

She loved crocheting and making lots of bags. She loved everyone, her kids Ariana, Anesia, and Aurora, and family and friends dearly. She has always been known as a Great Mom, Sister, and Anaan! She is always a loving Mom, Sister, Anaan, Cousin, Daughter, and Friend.

Toni is survived by her partner and good friend Shaun M. Moore; her children Ariana, Anesia, and Gabriella; her mother Olga Sarah Evan; sisters Naomi, Charissa, Kimberly; her brother Isaac Crimet Evan; and many more aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family and friends.

Memory Eternal

Quyanaqvaa to everyone who helped and comforted our Family and to all who supported and donated. Thank you.