LKSD Conference XC Regional Championships

The Lower Kuskokwim Conference Regional Cross Country Championships were held on September 28, 2019 in Bethel. Teams from Akiuk, Kipnuk, Kongiganak, Quinhagak, Toksook Bay, and Tuntutuliak participated in the meet. Sadly, inclement weather in other areas prevented some runners from making it to the event.

The top 5 for the boys and girls will be headed to the State Cross Country Finals this weekend, Saturday, October 5th to be held at Bartlett High School.

Coming in first place for the girls was Rosemary Tass Henry from Toksook Bay. Her time was 24:23 on the 5K course. In second was Megan Paul of Kipnuk, followed by Shayna Evan of Kongiganak. In fourth was Panik Chimiugak of Toksook Bay, and rounding out the top 5 was Andi Paul, also of Kipnuk.

In all, 17 girls raced in the HS ladies division.

The weather was on the windy side and the roads were wet from recent rain but it was a decent day for a race. The course began at the Bethel Regional High School parking lot, around the LKSD campus, and then out to Haroldsen Sub and back.

The boys ran next with 27 runners signed up. Crossing the finish line first was Dion Pleasant of Quinhagak. His time was 19:00. In second was Matthew Panruk of Chefornak. In third came James Alexie of Eek. For fourth it was Phillip Paul of Kipnuk. And in 5th place was Tristan Anaver of Kipnuk.

The races ended with an awards ceremony, sack lunches, and back to the airport to fly back to their homes. Below are the race results:

2019 LKSD Conference XC Regional Championships

Saturday, September 28, 2019

High School Girls Results

1 Rosemary Henry, Toksook Bay, 24:23

2 Megan Paul, Kipnuk, 24:39

3 Shayna Evan, Kongiganak, 24:46

4 Panik Chimiugak, Toksook Bay, 25:57

5 Andi Paul, Kipnuk, 26:17

6 Elsa Tinker, Kongiganak, 26:45

7 Alli Peters, Tuntutuliak, 27:09

8 Allison Petluska, Quinhagak, 27:16

9 Roseann Paul, Kipnuk, 27:16

10 Ryann Beaver, Kongiganak, 27:45

11 Chaylene Pleasant, Quinhagak, 29:10

12 Keisha Demientieff, Akiuk, 30:54

13 Deandra Nicholai, Akiuk, 32:21

14 Shalena Paul, Kipnuk, 32:46

15 Irene Chakuchin, Toksook Bay, 33:04

16 Rachel Paul, Kipnuk, 33:16

17 Desiree Paul, Kipnuk, 36:12

High School Boys Results

1 Dion Pleasant, Quinhagak, 19:00

2 Matthew Panruk, Chefornak, 19:16

3 James Alexie, Eek, 19:34

4 Phillip Paul, Kipnuk, 19:51

5 Tristan Anaver, Kipnuk, 20:03

6 Wilson Agimuk, Toksook Bay, 20:05

7 Charlie Lupie, Akiuk, 20:23

8 Jaden Black, Kongiganak, 20:25

9 Clayton Panruk, Chefornak, 20:44

10 Tristan Pavilla, Newtok, 21:11

11 Harberg Paul, Kipnuk, 21:16

12 Michael Chakuchin, Toksook Bay, 21:20

13 Mark Andrew, Kwethluk, 21:34

14 Faran Paul, Kipnuk, 21:36

15 Jason Pavilla, Kwethluk, 21:41

16 Clinton Pavilla, Akiuk, 22:15

17 Andrew Bavilla, Tuntutuliak, 22:17

18 Michael Flynn, Chefornak, 22:35

19 Elia Guest, Quinhagak, 22:41

20 Robert Amik, Kipnuk, 22:43

21 Iris Paul, Kipnuk, 23:37

22 Travis Tunuchuk, Chefornak, 24:36

23 Nelson Olick, Kwethluk, 25:20

24 Kalila Pavilla, Akiuk, 25:50

25 Sherwin Slim, Kipnuk, 25:55

26 Nikolai Charles, Akiuk, 25:56

27 Tyler Evan, Tuntutuliak, 26:11