ADFG Recognizes 2018 Advisory Committee Award Winners

Several local advisory committee members for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game were honored with awards: James Charles of Tuntutuliak, Raymond Oney of Alakanuk, and Barbara Carlson of Sleetmute.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten is pleased to be joined by Board of Game Chair Ted Spraker and Board of Fisheries Chair John Jensen to honor the department’s 2018 Advisory Committee Excellence in Service Award winners. The Excellence in Service Award recognizes outstanding contributions in service to Alaska’s communities, fish and wildlife, and regulatory process by Fish and Game Advisory Committee members across the state.

Barbara Carlson, Stony-Holitna AC

Barb Carlson serves as the Stony-Holitna AC representative to the Board of Fisheries for fisheries issues. As a representative of a small population in the headwaters of the Kuskokwim River, Ms. Carlson’s ability to navigate difficult social and political issues in a manner that supports and respects all users is outstanding. From 2015 through 2017, Ms. Carlson worked with the Board of Fisheries as a panel member and at board meetings, helping to design regulatory solutions to assist in remedying Chinook salmon management. Barbara is an excellent example of an AC leader in action. Through difficult negotiations, she never sheds her smile and kind demeanor, and always works towards the betterment of all along the river in an effort to find long-lasting equitable solutions.

James Charles, Lower Kuskokwim AC

James Charles has spent the majority of his life serving to promote the responsible use of fish and game resources in the Lower Kuskokwim region and statewide. As current chair, his service on the Lower Kuskokwim Fish and Game Advisory Committee spans over 40 years. Mr. Charles’ service to the AC is outstanding and includes running meetings, testifying at countless board meetings, and helping to negotiate difficult allocation issues. His work on the AC scratches the surface of his contributions. Mr. Charles is a long-time member of the Kuskokwim River Salmon Management Working Group, the Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and the YK Delta Regional Advisory Council (RAC) member. He provides frequent fisheries reports across the Delta through KYUK radio, offers his insights at youth science camps, and serves as a guiding light for all in his region.

Raymond Oney, Coastal Lower Yukon AC

Raymond Oney serves as a long-time, Alakanuk representative on the Coastal Lower Yukon Advisory Committee, currently as chair. Mr. Oney also serves on the federal YK Delta RAC and was appointed in 2016 to serve as a Lower River U.S. Advisor for the Yukon River Panel. Mr. Oney’s leadership with the AC is captured by his encouragement to all members to voice their concerns on issues while operating in a manner that is respectful, calm, and thoughtful. Raymond serves as a steward for the health of salmon resources and all the people who rely on them. Joining them as award winners are Don Quarberg, Delta AC and Tim McDonough, Upper Lynn Canal AC.

Each of these individuals is recognized for their many years of service and leadership on their local fish and game advisory committees. We sincerely thank them for their dedication in representing their communities in the fish and game regulatory process.

Alaska’s advisory committee structure contributes to making Alaska the nation’s leading example of a locally-driven fish and game management system. More than 700 Alaskans belong to 84 advisory committees up and down the coast and throughout the interior. It is through the excellent work of these volunteer individuals that regulatory bodies like the Alaska Boards of Game and Fisheries develop regulations that are responsive to local needs.