The season of good cheer

by Peter Twitchell

This is the happy time of the season, where Christians celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, baby Jesus, bringing hope, cheer, and love everywhere. The goodness of the people of Anchorage is felt across town, at the churches, at the Christmas bazaars, at Alaska Pacific University, CIRI, ANMC, Providence Hospital, and at the Elks Fiddle Dance on Saturday featuring 3 local bands, one from Wasilla and two from Anchorage including Carl Jack’s Coastals. The band consists of Mary Walker from Holy Cross, Moses Wassillie of Bethel originally, Tom Tom drummer, and myself on the bass. Moses is on keyboard, Carl on guitar, and Mary on the rhythm guitar, and we all sing.

Elders, parents with teens, Yup’iks, Cup’iks, Black, White, and Athabascans having sober cheer. Lots of hugs and laughter, spreading of good cheer. Christmas lights with the Nativity, Santa, Frosty the Snowman, angels, moose, fish, and strings of lights decorate the houses and trees.

Some elders at the Senior Center often ask about people at Kwethluk and are always happy to see their relatives who come to Anchorage.

The 6201 Chugach Square Senior Center on Tudor often asks about their relatives back home. They would appreciate some native foods.

I appreciate the contact we’ve had from my cousin Diana Japhet from back home. I miss the delta, but the high cost of living back home necessitates me living here.

My wife and I attended an amateur radio operators Christmas gathering last night, and I had a chance tonight to buy Christmas presents for loved ones living away from us.

Those of you who go to bingo back home, a local bingo parlor was advertising giving a $10,000 dollar ticket, and three thousand dollar Turkey shoot and some seal cards. If you get a seal card with a red number, chances are you can win $500 with three chances to win.

People who come from rural parts of the state try their luck, it’s also an opportunity to maybe see someone who long ago moved out of their village.

At these bingo parlors you can also order a steak and order a full-sized meal while socializing.

More Discoveries for you on the Delta next week.