A season for everything

by Greg Lincoln

photo by Greg Lincoln

As we age, we sometimes find ourselves not being able to remember things. For instance, we may go into the kitchen only to stop and think, what was I going to do or get? And then we will stand there for a while, trying to remember what in the world we were going to do.

Other times we may not be able to remember a person’s name.

It is annoying and has happened to most of us, even young ones do this. Usually this is a normal thing for people of all ages.

This reminds me of a person that we know that always leaves his things wherever he is at. When it is time to go, he does not remember his stuff and just leaves them. It is a most amazing thing. Finally his mom or grandma will catch wind of it and track down the missing items.

Children seem to do this frequently and we have to teach them to be responsible for their belongings. Thank goodness for lost and found bins.

We should continue to stay physically active daily even though you may not feel like it. We can read and challenge our brains with mental exercises, like puzzles. Keep a journal where you can pour out all your thoughts and the events of the day. When you go back and read what you wrote, especially after some time has passed, you will be utterly astounded because some of those things you may not remember, yet they are right there written in black and white by your own hand.

Usually our jobs also keep us busy but it is also good to do something when you are off the clock. Like doing hobbies. Everyone has something that they like to do that is worthwhile to them.

What are some ways that we can improve memory? One way is to study, which is another word for doing your homework.

As we grow older, the more life experiences we have, which may include traumatic events. These traumatic events can affect our memories, causing us to have lapses in what we remember. What should we do?

We can ask others in confidence.

In all that comes, there is a season for everything. If we are grieving, we should know that there is a season for weeping. There will also come a season of healing and laughter. To some of us, this may seem improbable, but we will soon see with time.

In times of sorrow the most helpful thing is to have someone there to be with you. I guess we could say this of any time in our lives because of our humanness and need for others.

Quyana folks for being there, we are all in this together.