Bethel Women Rock: Net Thirteen Grand for Medical Supplies

by Vicki Turner Malone

Hello Dr. Jill! From left are Mary Gregory, Dr. Jill Seaman, and Robert Hooper at the recent South Sudan Gala Fundraiser in Bethel. photo by Vicki Malone

YK Delta Women in Philanthropy raised nearly thirteen thousand dollars during the August 22nd, South Sudan Medical Relief Fundraiser at YPCC. Many of the 120 people who also cooked for the African dinner and over 100 items were donated for the silent and live auction.

According to Michelle Dewitt, Director of BCSF a check in excess of $12,000 went out on Monday and another will be cut as soon as the other $1000 in checks arrive.

Dr. Jill Seaman who left for the East Coast on her way to South Sudan this weekend was delighted. “When I go into Old Fangak we usually like to bring in another big supply of meds – this pays for the meds and the transport so it is more than PERFECT!” she wrote in her email.

One attendee, Juneau resident Jackie Tagaban, visiting professor from UAF, had these comments as she hauled an armload of auction items out the door. “This had everything a good fundraiser should have—good food, great auction items, and great community support. It was really a lot of fun and I was inspired by Jill’s talk.”

Organizers point out that the community really came through. Artist Robert Hooper (painting), Eric Whitney (mammoth driftwood chair), and Shorty Salzburn (firepit), to mention a few. Other individuals donated with special items crafted for the event, plants, food and good will.

“We couldn’t be successful without the generosity of Bethel’s small businesses: almost all of them donated goods or services,” said organizer Sue Angstman who sets up the auction items.

YK Delta Women in Philanthropy will be celebrating its third year this September. Not including this event, they have raised over $100,000 for local projects and for South Sudan Medical Relief. They are recruiting new members.

“It’s not too late to contribute to SSMR,” says Debbie Fairbanks. “Just call one of us or mail a check to BCSF, or go online. A hundred per cent of your contribution will go for direct services and medical supplies.”