Newtok vs. Chefornak: Exciting come-from-behind victory!

Newtok wins! In an exciting come-from-behind victory the Newtok Jaegers outscored the Chefornak Shamans by 1 point in the last seconds of the 4th quarter during this semi-final game on Friday. The 1A Alaska Conference basketball tournament in Bethel will end tomorrow, Saturday March 4th.



  1. Can you please rephrase your ” Come From Behind Victory” between the Newtok Lady Jaegers and Chefornak Lady Shamans? Just my opinion cause if it was a come from behind victory, i believe the lead would have been 10 pts or more. The game was never more than a 3 pt lead the whole game. To put in my two cents, maybe change to, “Nail Biting Victory, A Semi Final To Remember”. Better yet, put in a contest for the phrase. Bet you there will be lots of respinse.

  2. Katherine Charles said the gym was so loud her ear bled that night after the game against Chefornak. She went to the clinic here in Newtok and they confirmed the loudness in the gym tore her eardrum. It had to be really loud to do that!

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