2023 Bethel Invitational HS wrestling results

Jordan Klejka of the Bethel Lady Warriors and Isabella Peterson of the St. Mary’s Lady Eagles meet on the mat at the Bethel Wrestling Invitational last Thursday night.

Nova Kerr and her teammate Keilani Smith both of Gladys Jung Elementary compete in a match in the 98 lbs. weight class last Friday at the Bethel Invitational Wrestling Tournament. Photos by Greg Lincoln

The Bethel Regional High School Wrestling team hosted their 2023 Invitational Tournament this past weekend at the WarriorDome. High school teams from Akiachak, Aniak, Chevak, Kwethluk, Napaskiak, Newhalen, Quinhagak, Scammon Bay, South Anchorage, St. Mary’s, Student Wrestling Development Program (SWDP), and Tuntutuliak came to Bethel for the event.

The Bethel Lady Warriors won the team event with 91 points. Coming in second was the Student Wrestling Development Program with 69. In third was the Tuntutuliak Lady Bluejays with 35 points.

Tunt’s Emma Friendly, Bethel’s Isabel Lieb and Riley Boney, Napaskiak’s Hilary Larson, and Kwethluk’s Kelsey Charlie all won gold medals in their brackets.

Isabel Lieb of the Bethel Lady Warriors was voted the Outstanding Wrestler for the Weight Classes 100 lbs. – 138 lbs. and improved her record to 26-0 on the season so far. Riley Boney’s record is 20-7 so far and Jordan Klejka is 26-6.

On the boys’ side, the South Anchorage High School Wolverines won in the team competition, coached by former Bethel Regional High School graduate Randy Hanson with 242 points. The Student Wrestling Development Program of Fairbanks took second with 213.5 points. The Bethel Warriors placed third overall with 61.5 points.

Senior Warrior wrestler Ellis Johnson improved his season record to 19-5 so far.

The next competition for the Bethel Warriors and Lady Warrior wrestlers is the Lancer Smith Memorial Tournament held at the Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla that is hosted by Palmer High School.

Bethel Wrestling Invitational

Tournament Results

November 10-11, 2023

High School Girls


1st Emma Friendly, Tunt

2nd Michelle Kilanak, BRHS

3rd Angela Anelon, Newhalen

4th Nicole Hunt, Tunt

5th Kayleigh Bell, BRHS


1st Analeigh Wassillie, Newhalen


1st Jade Sherry, SWDP

2nd Jordan Klejka, BRHS

3rd Evelyn Bernick, SWDP

4th Michaela Spencer, SWDP


1st Jillian Brady, SWDP

2nd Alexia Kaganak, BRHS

3rd Maisyn Westdahl, St. Mary`s

4th Peyton Ayapan, Kwethluk

5th Cecelia Hunt, Tunt


1st Isabel Lieb, BRHS

2nd Cynthia Stolz, SWDP

3rd AnnieLynn Evan, Napaskiak

4th Lena Ayuluk, Chevak


1st Riley Boney, BRHS

2nd Iceis Harpak, BRHS

3rd Mildred Tinker, St. Mary`s

4th Giselle Carl, Tunt


1st Chloe Cavan, SWDP

2nd Layla Charlie, Kwethluk

3rd Shalisa Mcdalton, Tunt


1st Hilary Larson, Napaskiak

2nd Macy Martin, SWDP

3rd Justine Erickson-Bradney, BRHS


1st Kelsey Charlie, Kwethluk

2nd Chandra Stone, Tunt

3rd Mary Jane Clyde, BRHS

4th Alexis Prince, St. Mary`s

Girls Team Results

1 Bethel, 91

2 Student Wrestling Development Program, 69

3 Tuntutuliak, 35

4 Kwethluk, 27

5 St. Mary’s, 23

6 Napaskiak, 14

7 Newhalen, 12

8 Chevak, 4

9 Akiachak

10 Quinhagak

High School Boys


1st Dylan Frawner, South Anch

2nd Laiton Pingayak, Chevak

3rd Carson Madison, South Anch

4th Sam Hunter, Scammon Bay


1st Lincoln Werner, SWDP

2nd Benson Mishler, South Anch

3rd Ryley Young, Newhalen

4th Jason Ekamrak, Akiachak


1st Anan Siackhasone, South Anch

2nd Benjamin Dunlap, South Anch

3rd Kendall Wyble, SWDP

4th Quenten Halverson, SWDP


1st Jacob Morris, South Anch

2nd Daylon Brown, Quinhagak

3rd Chance Halverson, SWDP

4th Frank Rodriguez, SWDP


1st Levi Shivers, South Anch

2nd Owen Peterson, SWDP

3rd Eli Armstrong, South Anch

4th Ace Hill, Chevak


1st Brian Grabner, SWDP

2nd Bohdan Porter, South Anch

3rd Jett Knezovich, SWDP

4th Shaw Gerondale, South Anch


1st Hayden Reuter, SWDP

2nd Ezekiel Bolton, SWDP

3rd Justin Atchak, Chevak

4th Jase Phonsavang, South Anch


1st Kodi Hollis, SWDP

2nd Cassian Fisher, Kwethluk

3rd Nicholas Twito, BRHS

4th Dylan Noes, BRHS


1st Zane Gerlach, South Anch

2nd Braidin Martin, SWDP

3rd Devon Stolz, SWDP

4th Caleb Bonin, South Anch


1st Aaron Concepcion, South Anch

2nd Ellis Johnson, BRHS

3rd Hunter Terbeek, SWDP

4th Koa Bachert, SWDP


1st Roth Powers, South Anch

2nd Jesse Conley, SWDP

3rd Allen Hensen, South Anch


1st Gabriel Schumaker, South Anch

2nd Jimmy Runnels, SWDP

3rd Landon Burke, BRHS

4th Zahcory Jacobs-McDonald, BRHS


1st Gage Runnels, SWDP

2nd Paul Webster, South Anch

3rd Matthew Afcan, St. Mary`s

4th Kanglek Evon, Aniak


1st Chris Strawderman, South Anch

2nd Ethan Alstrom, St. Mary`s

3rd Damien Fiame, SWDP

4th Jacob Saavedra, St. Mary`s

Boys Team Results

1 South Anch HS, 242

2 SWDP, 213.5

3 Bethel HS, 61.5

4 Chevak, 44

5 St. Mary’s, 30

6 Quinhagak, 27

7 Kwethluk, 26

8 Akiachak, 21

9 Scammon Bay, 13

10 Newhalen, 12

11 Aniak, 10

12 Napaskiak

13 Tuntutuliak

Bethel Wrestling Invitational elementary/junior high results


lementary and junior high teams from the region and beyond participated in the Bethel Wrestling Invitational last weekend at the Bethel Regional High School. The Warriors hosted the event.

Elementary and junior high teams from Akiachak, Aniak, Chevak, Gladys Jung Elementary (GJE), Kwethluk, Mt. Village, Napaskiak, Newhalen, Quinhagak, Scammon Bay, St. Mary’s, Student Wrestling Development Program of Fairbanks, and Tuluksak came to the event.

Travis Andrew, Kylie Samuelson, Beckey Willie, Brenton Larson, and Adalyn Samuelson of Napaskiak; Nora Lefferts, Teil McIntyre, and Kendall Chaney of GJE; Mason Charles of Akiachak, Kelena Paukan of St. Mary’s, Christian Chandler of Scammon Bay, Emilyn Herron, Rylie Boyscout, and Isabelle Fitka of Bethel Jr. High, and Jordan Steeves of Aniak all won gold medals in their divisions.

Bethel Jr. High’s Claire Dyment wrestled in the boys’ 98 lb. bracket and narrowly missed winning first place. She took second, Mason Charles of Akiachak took first. Rose Rivers of Bethel Jr. High also wrestled in the boys’ division (84 lbs.). She placed third overall for the bronze.

Bethel Invitational Wrestling Tournament

Elementary/JH Results

November 10-11, 2023


1st Bradley Sherry, SWDP

2nd Hunter Rodriguez, SWDP

3rd Paden Lott, Akiachak

4th Liam Keller, GJE


1st Travis Andrew, Napaskiak

2nd Brayden Bingaman, SWDP

3rd Jordan Charles, Akiachak

4th Emmet Cleveland, Quinhagak


1st Nora Lefferts, GJE

2nd Bethany Moses, Kwethluk

3rd Trinae Andrew, GJE

4th Nekoda Simeon, GJE


1st Teil McIntyre, GJE

2nd Alex Sims, GJE

3rd Rose Rivers, Bethel JH

4th Norman Pleasant, Quinhagak


1st Eli Manns, SWDP

2nd Skyler Howard, Kwethluk

3rd Caiden TerBeek, SWDP

4th Seth Gilila, GJE


1st Kendall Chaney, GJE

2nd Rebecca Jackson, Kwethluk

3rd Cara Morgan, Aniak

4th Ashley Noes, GJE

5th Kingsley Rousey, GJE


1st Mason Charles, Akiachak

2nd Claire Dyment, Bethel JH

3rd Greyson Reuter, SWDP

4th Cayson Lott, Akiachak


1st Kylie Samuelson, Napaskiak

2nd Alisha Nicholai, Napaskiak

3rd Elise Okitkun, Bethel JH

4th Codi Hancock, GJE


1st Mick Dobbs, SWDP

2nd Maximos Lonewolf, Bethel JH

3rd Jackson Sipary, Napaskiak

4th Joseph Kazimirowicz, Newhalen


1st Kelena Paukan, St. Mary’s

2nd Driel O’Brien, GJE

3rd Anastasia Larson, Bethel JH

4th Kattalaya Brink-Twitchell, GJE


1st Christian Chandler, Scammon Bay

2nd Dwayne Maxie, Kwethluk

3rd Paeton Gilila, Bethel JH

4th Eric Beebe, Quinhagak


1st Emilyn Herron, Bethel JH

2nd Claire Lee, Bethel JH

3rd Tiare Tai, St. Mary`s

4th Aubrianna Wilde, GJE


1st Beckey Willie, Napaskiak

2nd Phyllis Egoak, Napaskiak

3rd Kira Walters, Mountain Village


1st Brenton Larson, Napaskiak

2nd Cyril Andrew, Napaskiak

3rd Simon Chingliak, Akiachak

4th Cruz Martin, SWDP


1st Ida Lester, Newhalen

2nd Isabelle Kerr, Bethel JH

3rd Jenna Epchook, Kwethluk

4th Carson Paniyak, Chevak


1st Adalyn Samuelson, Napaskiak

2nd Kaitlyn Wade, Bethel JH

3rd Addison Heckman, St. Mary`s

4th Holly Jordan, Bethel JH

5th Nasiah Pensgard, Aniak


1st Ashton Martin, SWDP

2nd James Caudle, SWDP

3rd Carver Hancock, Bethel JH

4th Edward Bukowski, Chevak

5th Jayden Brown, Aniak


1st Jordan Steeves, Aniak

2nd Scout Anelon, Newhalen


1st Rylie Boyscout, Bethel JH

2nd Danielle Joekay, Napaskiak

3rd Alena Kelila, Kwethluk

4th Anneliese Kamuck, St. Mary`s


1st Gabriel Reuter, SWDP

2nd Ralph Amik, Napaskiak

3rd Anderson Gill, GJE


1st Jaxon Runnels, SWDP

2nd Adrien Rychnovsky, Newhalen

3rd Carl Cleveland, Quinhagak


1st Isabella Fitka, Bethel JH

2nd Honey Herron, Bethel JH

3rd Patricia Beans, St. Mary’s

Elementary/JH Team Results

1 Bethel Jr. High, 193.5

2 SWDP, 148

3 Napaskiak, 129

4 GJE, 126.5

5 Kwethluk, 82

6 Akiachak, 65

7 St. Mary’s, 58

8 Newhalen, 43

9 Quinhagak, 33

10 Chevak, 27

11 Scammom Bay, 23

12 Aniak, 14

13 Mt. Village, 12

14 Tuluksak, 4